Beatrice in Lost Ark

Who is Beatrice in Lost Ark?

Beatrice is one of the last Lazeniths in Arkesia. Their race was once a glorious race of angelic winged creatures before they were punished by the God of Order for stealing a piece of the Ark to stop Hal – a race created by the God of Fire.

Beatrice is the very first NPC you’ll meet when you first create your character in Lost Ark. She was the character that initially handed you the Tome of Prophecy, which allowed you to pick an Advanced class from your chosen main class at the start of the game.

Beatrice is a key character in the Lost Ark lore. The Lazeniths play a huge role in the

What race is Beatrice in Lost Ark?

Beatrice belongs to a race called the Lazeniths in Lost Ark – a race created by Procyon, the God of Honor. Lazeniths are Angelic creatures with angel-like features, and they are easily identified through a wing that can be seen on their backs.

In the past, the Lazeniths sought the power of the Ark to fight back against another race called Haljok. To do this, they stole a piece of the Ark from the realm of Procyon and joined forces with another race called the Sylvains.

However, before both races could stop Hal, Regulus himself put an end to Hal, rendering them extinct forever, and despite their good intentions, the God of Order, Regulus, ultimately decided to punish the Lazeniths by crippling their wings.

After this, Regulus created Elgacia, a floating continent situated right below the realm of the gods, where he locked all the Lazeniths except Beatrice, who was left in Trixion to serve as a watcher.

How do I speak to Beatrice in Lost Ark?

Aside from your initial interaction with Beatrice when you first meet her when creating your character, you can meet Beatrice again by acquiring the Song of Trixion, which can teleport you to Trixion.

Once you’re in Trixion, simply approach Beatrice and interact with her. Beatrice is one of many NPCs you can build a Rapport with in Lost Ark.

What do you need to build a Rapport with Beatrice?

Building a Rapport with Beatrice is pretty easy in Lost Ark. All you need is to get all your Virtue stats to 180.

There are four different Virtue stats in Lost Ark – Wisdom, Courage, Charisma, and Kindness. You can level up each Virtue by equipping skins, earning titles from achievements, doing side quests and main quests, going on island quests, or through Charisma potions.


Beatrice is one of the most interesting NPCs in Lost Ark. Her race’s past gives her existence a ton of weight as the game moves toward the Elgacia story arc in Lost Ark. She is also one of many NPCs in the game you can build relationships with through Rapport.

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