Guild Raid Match Guide Lost Ark

What is a Guild Raid Match?

A Guild Raid Match is an endgame activity where you complete a raid either solo or with guildmates to get valuable Guild-related rewards. Guild matches are often quick and easy to complete, making them an easy way to contribute to your guild in Lost Ark.

You can participate in Guild Raid Matches once per week per character to get Sylamael Bloodstones and increase your guild participation. Aside from the option to choose to clear the Raid solo or with Guildmates, you can also pick from three raid tiers. More on this in the next section below.

Guild Raid Match Modes

Guild Raid Matches have two options – solo or with guildmates. For the former, you’ll want to stay in the D tier, as this is the only Guild Raid Match you can complete comfortably alone. If you’re playing with your guildmates, you can pick tiers C or even B, with B tier offering the maximum number of Slymael Bloodstones.

Aside from the normal Guild Raid Match, there’s also a Guild Raid Match Challenge Mode – a competitive game mode where guilds compete to see who can clear Raid Bosses the fastest. This is a fun and competitive leaderboard-like challenge where Guilds can compete for bragging rights.

How to Join a Guide Raid Match

Bring up the Guild Menu by pressing ALT + U on your keyboard. With the menu up, look for the Raid Match section, then click the Apply button to start. Alternatively, you can choose the “Participation Vote” option to let your guildmates know you’re available for a Guild Raid Match.

From there, you have to choose the Guild Raid Match you want to join, then click on the Challenge button in the bottom right corner of your screen to confirm your choice.

How to Start A Guild Raid Match Solo

After you choose Apply in the Guild Menu, you can pick the type of Challenge you want to take on. The Challenge here simply means the Guild Raid Match tier you’ll be facing once the raid match starts.

Once you’ve selected your preferred Challenge, choose Enter Base to get to a guild base where you can configure various raid options such as skill presets, repairs, etc. When you’re ready, interact with the summoning stone in the same area to start the Guild Raid Match.

How to Start A Guild Raid Match with Guild

As mentioned previously, the other Guild Raid Match option in the Guild Menu was the Participation Vote option, where you simply mark yourself as available for the next scheduled Guild Raid Match. Then, a Guild Leader or Officer must select “Enter Base” and invite other guild members who applied for the raid via the Participation Vote option.

The Guild Leader will be in charge of configuring the raid. All participating members must only accept the raid invite option to participate in the Guild Raid Match.

Guild Raid Match Rewards

Sylmael Bloodstones are the primary rewards you can expect from completing Guild Raid Matches. Tier D offers the least Sylmael Bloodstone rewards, while the B tier gives out the most bloodstones.

  • Tier D: 800 Bloodstones
  • Tier C: 1200 Bloodstones
  • Tier B: 1400 Bloodstones

Aside from bloodstones, you also get 150 Guild Contribution Points for completing Guild Raid Matches as well as Guild XP. The Guild Contribution amount does not increase nor decrease, regardless of the type of Guild Raid Match type or tier you choose.


Guild Raid Matches are a quick and easy way to prove your loyalty and contribute to your guild in Lost Ark. Through Guild Raid Matches, you can spend some time and rapport with your guild mates and earn valuable Sylmael Bloodstones on the side. If feeling extra competitive, join your Guild in the Guild Raid Match Challenge Mode and help your team dominate the guild leaderboards in Lost Ark.

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