How to Check Maneth Spawn Timer in Lost Ark

Who is Maneth in Lost Ark?

Maneth is an Immortal-type Field Boss in Lost Ark. He is a Level 50 boss with 14,337,834 HP that you can find in Icewing Heights in Shushire. There is no recommended Item Level to take on Maneth, which means you can receive rewards for participating in the boss fight regardless of your character’s Item Level.

Field Bosses are more powerful than typical monsters/enemies but are less powerful than Raid Bosses. Field Bosses with 10 to 20 million HP will respawn 2 hours after they have been killed, and since Maneth has just 14,337,834 HP, you can expect to see him in Icewing Heights two hours after his last death.

How to Check Maneth Respawn Timer

There is currently no way to check Maneth’s exact respawn times in Lost Ark. Field Bosses that do not have recommended Item Levels such as Maneth will not show up in Procyon’s Compass, so there’s no way to tell the exact time Maneth respawns in-game.

With that said, you can expect Maneth to respawn every 2 hours in your current channel. If you have time to spare, just check back regularly at Maneth’s spawn point in Icewing Heights so you can start the boss fight as soon as he spawns.

How long does it take for the Boss Maneth to respawn

Maneth respawns two hours after he has been last killed in Lost Ark. This is because Field Bosses that have between 10 to 20 million HP will automatically respawn two hours after they were last killed.

The same respawn windows hold true for other Field Bosses in Lost Ark with 10 to 20 million HP. Casrick is only the other Field Boss with HP that falls between 10 to 20 million in the game.

How long does it take for Field Bosses to spawn in Lost Ark?

Field Boss respawn times vary depending on the Field Boss’ total HP.

  • Field Bosses with below 10 million HP will respawn 30 minutes after being killed.
  • Field Bosses with 10 to 20 million HP will respawn 2 hours after being killed.
  • Field Bosses with over 20 million HP belong to the Raid Boss category. These bosses only spawn on specific days of the week. When they are available, Raid Bosses spawn every hour.
  • Velkan has a special respawn timer of 120 minutes after being killed.

There are 7 Field Bosses that respawn 30 minutes after they were last killed – Salt Giant, Rudric, Wili-Wili, Rovlen, Caspiel, and Chuo.

Meanwhile, only 2 Field Bosses respawn 2 hours after they were last killed – Casrick and Maneth.

The rest of the Field Bosses in the game belong to the Raid Boss category and will have specific spawn schedules. These include:

  • Tarsila
  • Magmadon
  • Chaotic Chuo
  • Signatus
  • Proxima
  • Harvest Lord Incarnate
  • Sol Grande Kohinorr
  • Aurion
  • Acheladus
  • Brealeos
  • Moake


You can expect to see Maneth in Icewing Heights in Shushire every two hours in Lost Ark. Check the Event Alarm menu for Maneth’s specific spawn times.

Maneth is one of the easier Field Bosses in Lost Ark. He does not have a recommended Item Level, which means anyone can take on the Field Boss and still receive rewards regardless of their character’s Item Level.

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