How to Complete the Shadows Mark Quest in Lost Ark

What is the Shadow’s Mark Quest?

The Shadow’s Mark Quest is a Level 1 Roster Quest on Shadow Island in Lost Ark. This quest is a prerequisite for Una’s Task “Endless Debris” and a requirement for acquiring the Shadow Island Token.

Shadow’s Mark is a fairly straightforward quest that requires you to reach Floor 24 of the Shadespire tower in Lost Ark. However, before you are allowed to start the Shadow’s Mark quest, you must complete a series of quests on Shadow Island first.

Where is Shadow Island?

Shadow Island is between the Sceptrum Ocean and the North Vern Sea in Lost Ark. You can sail to the island anytime since the Admission Period is Always, and the Recommended Item Level is a very low 250.

The island is located directly north of Port Krona, making it a very easy island to get to via your ship in Lost Ark. If you’re coming from Port Krona, you can set a waypoint to Shadow Island by holding ALT and left-clicking on the Shadow Island icon on the World Map.

How to Complete the Shadows Mark Quest?

You can complete the Shadows Mark quest by going to the 24th Floor of the Shadespire tower found in most major cities in Lost Ark. But before you can access the Shadespire tower, you must complete a series of Purple Quests on Shadow Island first.

Start the Shadow’s Mark purple quest chain by talking to Mercenary Captain Zardin on Shadow Island. Complete the quest requirements to unlock subsequent quests in the chain. Complete the chain quests in the following order:

  • To the Shadespire
  • The Scent of Blood
  • Vile Debris
  • Debris Gatherer
  • An Important Record
  • Shadow’s Mark

The series of purple quests is basically a walkthrough about how to use and navigate the Shadespire tower in Lost Ark.

In the purple quests, Mercenary Captain Zardin will send you to the Shadespire tower to meet up with Father Jenkrix. Jenkrix will ask you to complete a few quests in the Shadespire tower, such as collecting vile debris the demons leave behind in the tower (Vile Debris). Complete the prerequisite purple quests in the Shadespire tower and you’ll eventually get the Shadow’s Mark quest in Lost Ark.

Shadow Island Rewards

Rewards for completing quests on Shadow Island are very similar from one quest to another. You can expect Combat Engraving Recipes, Card Packs, Pirate Coins, and various stats such as Courage and Wisdom.

  • Shadow Island token
  • Vitality Increase Potion
  • Legendary – Uncommon Card Pack x3
  • Creation Fragment x5
  • Rare Combat Engraving Recipe Selection Pouch x5
  • Courage +3
  • Wisdom +3
  • Pirate Coins x29,800

Aside from quest-specific rewards, you can also expect to get random loot from killing enemies in the Shadespire tower.


Completing the Shadow’s Mark quest is the only way to get the Shadow Island Token in Lost Ark. Make sure you complete this quest if you plan on collecting all the Island Tokens in the game.

But before you can take on the Shadow’s Mark quest, however, you first need to complete a series of purple quests on Shadow Island. Complete those quests first, then head to the nearest Shadespire tower to get the Shadow’s Mark quest in Lost Ark.

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