How to Defeat Moake in Lost Ark

Who is Moake in Lost Ark?

Moake is a Field Boss located in the Tikatika Colony in Punika. It is a Level 59 Boss with 734,484,654 HP, which places it under the Raid Boss category of Field Bosses in the game.

The recommended Item Level when taking on Moake is 1415. Defeating Moake will count toward your Punika Adventure Tome in Lost Ark and you will also get the typical loot drops from Field Bosses after you defeat Moake.

Moake is a gigantic reptile that bears a close resemblance to a Chameleon. The people of Punika consider it to be the most beautiful thing on the continent, all while also being the most dangerous.

Where does Moake spawn in Lost Ark?

Moake spawns in the Tikatika Colony in Punika just north of the Triport in the middle of the map. However, because Moake is a Raid Boss, it only spawns at specific times within the week. When Moake is available, however, he will continuously spawn every hour of the day.

Use Procyon’s Compass to check Moake’s next spawn schedule in Lost Ark.

How to Defeat Moake

Moake cycles between three different phases during the boss fight. Each phase will feature a different set of attacks based on Moake’s color – Green, Blue, or Red.

Green Phase

Moake will display a wide set of attacks in its Green Phase. Watch out for a combination of blasts, melee attacks, and beams during this phase.

  • Caustic Fumes – Moake will spew out cone-shaped fumes from his mouth and tail. Avoid this attack by moving directly in front of Moake or towards its sides.
  • Caustic Blast – A red marker will appear on the ground after Moake sends out a shockwave. Move out of the affected area to avoid taking damage or move into the small safe area next to Moake.
  • Cone Blast – Watch for glowing in Moake’s eyes. This signals an incoming cone-shaped light blast that will come from both sides of Moake’s head. Move in front of Moake or towards the sides of its tail to avoid getting hit.
  • Ground Slam – Moake will also do a Ground Slam shortly after it jumps into the air. Moake can do this up to three times in a row, sending shockwaves each time it lands on the ground. Move away from Moake as soon as it jumps in the air to avoid getting hit by this attack.
  • Body Roll – Moake will occasionally do a Body Roll attack where it rolls forward and rams through everything along its path. Keep an eye on a red marker on the ground and move away from the roll path to avoid taking damage.
  • Tail Whip – Move away from Moake when a small semi-circle marker appears on the ground. This signals Moake’s Tail Whip attack.
  • Beam Breath – Beam Breath is a combination of Moake’s Cone Blast and Caustic Fumes attack. Moake will shoot out a sweeping breath and beam attack from its mouth and tail. Move towards Moake’s body to avoid getting hit by this attack.
  • Light Blast – Moake will raise its wait to summon a light beam attack on random areas. Move away from the highlighted areas on the battlefield to avoid getting hit.

Blue Phase

Moake’s Blue Phase might not have as many attack variations as the Green Phase, but its Blue Phase attacks inflict Freeze.

  • Freeze Flowers – Four flowers with a freezing aura will be summoned by Moake. These flowers will apply stacking Freeze instances to your character and can render you Frozen when enough stacks are inflicted. You can destroy the flowers to end the freezing aura.
  • Freeze Beam – Beam Breath attack infused with Freeze.
  • Ice Blast – Similar to Light Blast, Moake will raise its tail and summon a powerful Freeze Attack that will knock back players within its range. Move away from the affected areas to avoid getting hit by this attack.

Red Phase

Moake’s Red Phase consists of just two attacks that look very similar to Green Phase attacks. However, Moake’s Red Phase attacks are now infused with Burn.

  • Flame Flowers – Similar to Freeze Flowers, Moake summons four Flame Flowers that fire fireballs that burn the ground.
  • Ball and Beam – Similar to Beam Breath attack but now inflicts Burn.

How to Defeat Moake

Defeating Moake should be fairly easy as long as you have at least Item Level 1415. You will likely be fighting alongside numerous other players during the fight so it’s really only a matter of time before everyone defeats the boss and claims the rewards.

Take time to read and learn all of Moake’s attacks as outlined above. This will help you avoid taking significant damage in the battle and allow you to dish out DPS consistently to help take down the giant Chameleon faster.

Moake Rewards

Make sure you have Item Level 1415 before taking on Moake. Otherwise, your contributions to the Moake fight will not count and you will not receive loot after the fights.

With that being said, here are all the possible loot you can get for defeating Moake.

  • Battle Engraving Recipe (Legendary)
  • Battle Engraving Recipe (Epic)
  • Bleed (Legendary Rune)
  • Destruction Stone Crystal
  • Guardian Stone Crystal
  • Legendary Ability Stone
  • Legendary XP Card
  • Level 1 Annihilation Gem
  • Level 1 Crimson Flame Gem
  • Omnium Star #5
  • Solar Blessing (Bound)
  • Solar Protection (Bound)
  • Twisted Space Earrings
  • Twisted Space Ring
  • Twisted Time Earrings
  • Twisted Time Necklace
  • Twisted Time Ring

Note that the items listed above are possible rewards for completing the Moake boss fight. You will not get all the items above after defeating Moake the first time, so if there’s a particular loot you’re looking to get, you might have to come back at a later time and help with the Moake fight again to get another set of rewards.


Moake is one of the most varied Raid Boss fights in Lost Ark. The giant chameleon brings a wide variety of attacks and debuffs that make the entire Boss fight very engaging and rewarding.

Check Procyon’s Compass for the next Moake spawn schedule and team up with other players to take down Punika’s beautiful yet dangerous monster. Just make sure you have the appropriate Item Level so you can receive rewards after the fight.

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