How to Get Lost Ark Founders Pack Skins

What are Founders Pack Skins?

Founders Pack Skins are some of the most exclusive skins in Lost Ark, found only in the Founders Pack – a pre-order chest that you could purchase back when Lost Ark was initially released in 2021.

The Lost Ark Founders Pack was offered in Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum variants, with more expensive variants offering more skins and bonus items.

The Founders Pack contains a selection of cosmetic items for your characters. Below is a list of all the cosmetic items in the Founders Pack.

  • Northern Lawmaker Skin (Gold and Platinum Founders Pack)
  • Platinum Skin (Platinum Founders Pack)

How to Get the Founders Pack Skins in Lost Ark

You could get the Founders Pack in Lost Ark by purchasing the Founders Pack of your choice from the Lost Ark website. After you purchase a Founders Pack, the Founders Pack chest should show up in your account inventory in-game.

Login to your Lost Ark account, then click on the box icon in the upper left corner of your screen. Access the button to find your Founders Pack. Claim the Founders Pack to send it to your inventory.

To use the Founders Pack, right-click on the chest to release all the items within the pack into your inventory. With the items in your inventory, you can right-click on the skins, pets, mounts, and other Founders Pack items to use/equip them.

What is the Best Founders Pack?

The best Founders Pack is arguably the Platinum Founders Pack. The Platinum Founders Pack is the most expensive Founders Pack of the bunch, costing $99.99. Despite the high price, the Platinum Founders Pack offered exclusive cosmetic items and collectibles you couldn’t get anywhere else.

The Platinum Founders Pack contains the following items:

  • All bonuses in the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Founders Packs
    • Head Start
    • Founders Exclusive Pet
    • 30-Day Crystalline Aura
    • Founders Title
  • 7,000 Royal Crystals
  • Platinum Supply Crate
    • 60 Ressurection Feathers
    • 50,000 silver
    • 5 Adventurer’s Equipment Crates
    • Gatherer’s Tool Chest
    • 4 Hero’s Ascent Chests
  • Founders Skin
  • Founders Exclusive Mount
  • Platinum Welcome Crate
    • Founders Exclusive Wallpaper
    • Founders Exclusive Structure
    • Legendary Rapport Gift Selection Chest
    • Lunch Limited Card Pack

Can you still get the Founders Pack Skins?

Back when Lost Ark launched, only players who purchased the Founders Pack would have access to exclusive items and skins within the various Founders Pack offerings. This includes the Platinum Skins and Northern Lawmaker Skin packs.

Some players were smart enough not to open any of the skin packs found in the Founders Packs and opted to sell some of the skins through the in-game Auction House/Market. If you’re lucky, you should be able to find Platinum Skins or a Northern Lawmaker skin set in the Auction House or Market.


The Founders Pack was a pre-order chest that contained exclusive skins and other cosmetic items. Although you could only acquire skins from the Founders Pack if you bought the pack back then, some of these skins should now be up for sale, which means you might be able to find these skins in the Auction House or Market.

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