How to Get the Brahms in Lost Ark

What is the Brahms?

The Brahms is one of eight ships you can unlock and build to sail the open waters of Arkesia in Lost Ark. The Brahms was built and designed in the Vern region in Arkesia with resistance to Siren Waters and Dead Waters in mind.

The Brahms is Vern’s merchant vessel that displays the region’s ship-building prowess and is arguably one of the better-looking ships in the game. It has a base Sailing Speed of 18.5 knots and a decent Durability rating of 3600.

Is the Brahms a good ship?

The Brahms is a good ship in Lost Ark that’s especially resistant to Siren Waters and Dead Waters. It has a decent base Sailing Speed of 18.5 and above-average Durability at 3600.

The Brahms is not the fastest nor the most balanced ship in the game; those qualities better describe the Astray and Estoque, respectively. Nevertheless, many players love the Brahhms for the ship’s unique looks and resistance to Siren Waters and Dead Waters.

How to unlock the Brahms in Lost Ark?

You can unlock the Brahms by getting a Level 4 reputation in the Lopang Island Special Delivery Quests in Una’s Daily Tasks. The Brahms will be given to you as a reward for your hard work at Lopang Inc.

At Lopang Island, you need to complete 10 Lopang Island Daily Quests in Una’s Daily Tasks. Press ALT+J to bring up Una’s Daily Tasks and complete the listed tasks to get Reputation Level 4.

After completing the required tasks, you will receive the Melody of the Sea: Brahms item in your inventory. Right-click to use the item and complete the accompanying quest to add the Brahms to your ship collection.

What is the best ship in Lost Ark?

The best ship in Lost Ark is arguably the Estoque, thanks to its great resistance to all sea threats and respectable Base Speed and Durability. Not only is the Estoque a well-rounded ship that will carry you reliably across any type of water, but it is also very easy to unlock and upgrade.

The Astray is also one of the best ships in Lost Ark and boasts the fastest Sailing Speed in the game, with a base speed of 22.0 knots. Durability isn’t as good as the Estoque (3100 versus 3600), but the Astray boasts a well-balanced Immunity to sea conditions, albeit less so than the Estoque. (+9 immunity to all sea conditions for the Astray versus +12 for the Estoque.)


Although the Brahms isn’t the most well-rounded ship in the game, it is one of the better ships when it comes to dealing with Siren Waters and Dead Waters in Lost Ark. You will find the Brahms very useful for taking on these types of sea conditions while sailing through the open waters of Arkesia, making it a great ship to add to your collection.

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