How to Get the Elegy of Serenity in Lost Ark

What is the Elegy of Serenity?

The Elegy of Serenity is one of sixteen Sheet Music you can collect in Lost Ark. Sheet Music in Lost Ark serves various unique purposes. Some Sheet Music, for example, allow you to teleport out of instanced locations and reveal/open hidden areas around the game.

The Elegy of Serenity, like most Sheet Music in Lost Ark, is a Quest-specific song that you will only really use in the Elegy of Serenity Quest. After completing the Elegy of Serenity Quest, you can use this song to increase Rapport with some NPCs.

How to Get the Elegy of Serenity

You can get the Elegy of Serenity by completing the following Quests:

  1. Iceberg Inquiry
  2. Silent Prelude
  3. Dastardly Disease
  4. A Nose for News
  5. The Sickly Sea
  6. Rhapsody of Renewal
  7. The Jig is Up
  8. Justice Achieved
  9. Elegy of Serenity

Before starting the Iceberg of Inquiry Quest, you must complete the Origins of Stern World Quest called “The Watcher” first. After that quest, head to Peyto and look for Mathias to start the quest chain.

The chain quest starts in Peyto after you talk to Mathias. After which, you have to travel to the Origins of Stern zone in Arthetine and talk to Orzo to start the Silent Prelude Quest, where you befriend penguins using the Clap and Dance Emote, examine Glacier Salmon, and look for Healthy Glacier Salmon.

Next comes the Dastardly Disease Quest, which also takes place in Arthetine. In this quest, you must meet with Pilian Kaiman and gather information on Acting Technologist Deweight.

A Nose for News will be one of the most extensive quests in the chain quest. This quest requires you to talk to Lab Director Yulia, investigate Oasis water temperatures, observe a Suspicious Tech Branch Employee, and then report back to Yulia and Mathias.

The Sickly Sea will require you to talk and interact with several NPCs and objects in Glacier Isle. Your objective is to disguise yourself, secure Dewight’s notebook, and show the notebook to Bastian. After which, you will report back to Mathias and head to the Sea of Gienah to check the temperature of the nearby waters.

After the Sickly Sea, return to Origins of Stern and talk to Orzo to start the Rhapsody of Renewal Quest. Here, you will photograph endangered polar bears and the contamination in the Glacial Seas.

With all the pieces of evidence complete, talk to Editor-In-Chief Philian Kaiman to draft an investigative report on Dewight. Submit your investigative write-up to Philian Kaiman and read the article you wrote to complete The Jig Is Up Quest. The report will lead to the arrest of the corrupt Acting Technologist Dewight in Justice Achived and lead to the final quest in the chain Elegy of Serenity.

How to Use the Elegy of Serenity Sheet Music?

You can use the Elegy of Serenity Sheet Music by pressing F2 to bring up the Sheet Music menu. Alternatively, you can also click on the Adventure button in the bottom right corner of the HUD to find the Sheet Music option.

With the Sheet Music menu up, you can use any Sheet Music you have unlocked by clicking on the Sheet Music icon. It is worth noting, however, that all Sheet Music will have a cooldown timer, so use each one wisely.

What are the most important songs in Lost Ark?

The Song of Escape and the Song of Return are two of the most important songs in Lost Ark. The former gives you the ability to teleport out of various zones such as Islands and Dungeons, while the latter lets you teleport to assigned Portal Statues in major cities in the game.

Aside from Song of Escape and Song of Return, the Song of Resonance and Forest’s Minuet are also important Sheet Music that you must collect in Lost Ark, as both songs give you the ability to open different types of restricted areas.

With that said, almost every song in the game is valuable as you can use these songs to increase Rapport with various NPCs in the game.


Getting the Elegy of Serenity Sheet Music is a long process that involves completing nine different quests across Peyto and Arthetine. Fortunately, most of the quest objectives in the chain quest are simply fetch missions where you only have to interact with objects or talk to various NPCs, so time is really the only investment you have to make here.

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