How to Get the Eurus in Lost Ark

What is Eurus?

Eurus is one of eight ships you can unlock in Lost Ark alongside the Estoque, White Wind, Sturmbrecher, Brahms, Tragon, Astray, and Eibern’s Wound.

Compared to other ships in the game, the Eurus is a smaller ship, but it’s one that’s built for speed, boasting the second-fastest Base Sailing Speed of any ship in the game. The Eurus is also known for having a game-best resistance against Kelp Beds, making it great for sailing to islands positioned within Kelp Beds.

How do you get the Eurus?

The Eurus is a reward that you can get for completing the Una’s Daily Task: “Ride Like The Wind” 21 times. In Ride Like the Wind, you are required to ferry a customer from Peyto to three other islands in the game.

To start this task, go to Peyto, then bring up Una’s Daily Task menu and search for Ride Like The Wind. Accept the task, then start sailing to the following locations:

  • Tortoyk Seaswept Woods
  • Revelry Row
  • Turtle Island

You can disembark at any of the three islands in any order – the task does not require you to ferry the customer to Tortoyk, Revelry Row, and then Turtle Island specifically. However, since you’re starting the quest from Peyto, you might want to start from Turtle Island, Tortoyk Seaswept Woods, and Revelry Row, as this is going to be the most efficient route.

How good is Eurus in Lost Ark?

Eurus’ fast Base Sailing Speed and exceptional resistance to Kelp Beds make it a great ship for running through content in Lost Ark’s endgame. Unfortunately, the Eurus’ game-worst Durability of just 5404 at Level 10 also makes it a less reliable option compared to slower ships like the Estoque or the Sturmbrecher.

Nevertheless, the Eurus’ Kelp Bed resistance makes it a good ship for sailing those types of waters in Lost Ark. So if you’re only planning on sailing to a specific area on the map covered with Kelp Beds, take the Eurus, then switch to a more durable ship like the Estoque when sailing to other more challenging locations.

What is the second fastest ship in Lost Ark?

The Eurus is the second fastest ship in Lost Ark, the fastest ship being the highly sought-after Astay. Other ships in the game aren’t too far off if we’re only talking about Base Sailing Speed since the difference between the fastest and slowest ships is just 5 knots at Level 10.

Eurus also has the second-fastest Fast Sailing Speed at 14.3 knots at Level 10. However, the Eurus’ Fast Sailing Speed has a very limited duration at only 3 seconds max, much lower than the five-second Fast Sailing Speed duration found in other ships in Lost Ark.


Getting the Eurus is straightforward as you only need to complete the Una’s Task Ride Like The Wind 21 times. The task itself is straightforward as well, and you can easily complete the task in a few minutes if you use the shortest route outlined in the guide above.

The Eurus is one of the fastest yet least durable ships in the game. While it might not be the best all-round ship like the Estoque, it is great for tackling waters with Kelp Beds and making quick trips between ports in Lost Ark.

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