How to Get the Frustrated Emote in Lost Ark

What is the Frustrated Emote

The Frustrated Emote is 1 of 32 Emotes you can learn from Emote books in Lost Ark. As its name suggests, the Frustrated Emote will allow you to show your frustration through your character in-game, where your character will collapse to the ground in frustration.

Emotes are a great way of conveying emotion without using the in-game text box. Some Emotes are valuable in building Rapport with NPCs, while others are essential in completing specific quests in the game.

How to Get the Frustrated Emote in Lost Ark

You can get the Frustrated Emote in Lost Ark as a reward for completing the Chain Quest on Toto Silver Island that leads to the quest Totoiks’ Dream: Creation.

To start the Chain Quest, talk to Toto Elder and complete the quests he gives you until you are given the quest: Totoiks’ Dream: Creation

In The Totoikis’ Dream: Creation quest, you must locate the Egg of Creation – a small egg with a purple-ish glow standing near the shoreline. After you’ve located the Egg of Creation, sprinkle the powder of life in the following order:

  1. Three spoons of sturdiness.
  2. Four spoons of cuteness.
  3. One spoon of ignorance.
  4. Three spoons of ignorance.
  5. Six spoons of ignorance.

After you complete the selections above, talk to Toto Elder again, and he will ask you to play Heart’s Melody. Play Heart’s Melody in the orange area, and you should be able to pick up the Egg of Creation afterward.

Talk to Toto Elder again to deliver the Egg of Creation and complete the Totoiks’ Dream: Creation quest. You will receive quest rewards after you talk to Toto Elder, and among these will be the Frustrated Emote, which you can use and add to your Sheet Music collection.

How to use the Frustrated Emote?

Click on the Community button in the bottom right corner of your screen to bring up a list of options (among which will be Emote). Click on Emote to bring up the Emotes menu in Lost Ark. Alternatively, press the “Y” hotkey to bring up the Emotes menu, then look for the

Frustrated Emote.

Within the Emotes menu are all the Emotes you have unlocked, including the Frustrated Emote once you have completed the Totoiks’ Dream: Creation Quest on Toto Silver Island. To use the Frustrated Emote, click on the Emote from the Emotes menu or type /frustrated in the text

box to use the Emote on-the-fly.

How to Get Heart’s Melody in Lost Ark?

To get Heart’s Melody, complete the “Time for Treatment” quest, which follows the Weight of Wounds quest on Tortoyk. You need Heart’s Melody to complete the Totoiks’ Dream: Creation quest on Toto Silver Island.

In Time for Treatment, you must find Healing Grass for Tortoyk and apply the Healing Grass to Tortoyk’s wounds. After which, you have to examine three tablets to complete the quest. The three tablets will teach you Heart’s Melody and automatically add the Sheet Music to your list of songs in Lost Ark.


The Frustrated Emote is one of the more dramatic emotes in Lost Ark that puts your character in a collapsed position on the ground and is a great way to show your grievances in-game.

Getting the Frustrated Emote is straightforward, as you only need to complete the Chain Quest on Toto Silver Island to receive the Emote as a reward. Refer to the guide above to learn how to complete the quest on Toto Silver Island and get the Frustrated Emote.

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