How to Get the Shy Emote in Lost Ark

What is the Shy Emote?

The Shy Emote lets you convey a shy reaction to other players through your character in Lost Ark.

Emotes are unlockable in-game actions that allow you to convey various emotions through your character in Lost Ark. There are thirty-two Emotes in the game, many of which are ready for use as soon as you start your journey in Arkesia. The rest of the Emotes, however, will have to be unlocked by completing quests or by purchasing them through other NPC merchants in the game.

How do you get the Shy Emote in Lost Ark?

You can get the Shy Emote by completing the “A Good Day to Love” Chain quest in Lost Ark. The Emote: Shy Book is one of the rewards you can for completing that quest.

To get the A Good Day to Love quest, you first need to complete The Light of Love quest in Liebeheim. After which, sail to Aiwana Island and talk to NPC Handsome Ronald. Complete the tasks in the A Good Day to Love quest to get quest rewards, which include the Emote: Shy Book.

After you have acquired the Emote: Shy Book, bring up your inventory and right-click the book to use it. After reading the book, your character will be able to unlock the Shy Emote and add it to your Emotes collection in Lost Ark.

How to Use the Shy Emote

You can start using the Shy Emote after reading the Emote: Shy Book. Bring up the Emotes menu by pressing “Y” on your keyboard, then scroll down and look for the Shy Emote. Left-click on the Shy Emote to use the Emote in-game.

Alternatively, you can just type “/shy” in the in-game chat box to use the Shy Emote on the fly.

Can you buy Emotes in Lost Ark?

Some Emotes can only be unlocked by purchasing them from NPC Merchants in the game. Here is a list of all the Emotes you can buy in Lost Ark.

  1. Cute Emote – Purchased from Yurei on Peyto Island for 5,000 Silver.
  2. Laugh Emote – Purchased from Naphta in Flowering Orchard in East Luterra for 6,000 Silver.
  3. Roar Emote – Purchased from Blackfang in Freedom Isle for 3,360 Gienah’s Coin.
  4. Taunt Emote – Purchased from Blackfang in Freedom Isle for 3,360 Gienah’s Coin.

To unlock more Emotes in Lost Ark, you will have to collect Island Souls, complete quests, progress in your Adventurer’s Tome, and complete Una’s Tasks.


Unlocking the Shy Emote in Lost Ark is easy. Start the quest by talking to Zenri in Liebeheim then travel to Aiwana Island to complete the “A Good Day to Love” quest. Both prerequisite quests do not require you to do anything special such as Sheet Music or the like. Just talk to the NPCs and complete their requests and you will unlock the Shy Emote in Lost Ark.

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