How to Get the Volare Island Soul in Lost Ark

How do you get to Volare Island in Lost Ark?

You can find Volare Island in the middle of the World Map in Lost Ark. More specifically, Volare Island is located near Port Krona North of Revelry Row Island. As with every island in the game, you can only get to Volare Island via sailing.

Use the World Map search function if you’re still having trouble finding Volare Island. Bring up the World Map by pressing M on your keyboard then type in Volare Island in the search bar. The World Map should automatically center on Volare Island and briefly flash the island’s location.

It is also worth noting that you can only enter Volare Island on specific dates and times. Check the Alarm Menu for Volare Island admission schedules.

How to Get the Volare Island Soul

You need to complete the Volare Island co-op challenge to get the Volare Island Soul. The challenge seems simple as it only requires you to kill 100 Crocodiles and 2 Deadly Poison Crocodiles in the middle of the map. However, the caveat is you cannot kill the Crocodiles using your normal attacks or spells.

To kill the Crocodiles, you need to acquire Cannonballs or Harpoons. You can get these items by killing clowns around the map. You can then use the Cannonballs or Harpoons by loading them into one of many cannons around the map. It is recommended that you focus on the Cannonballs, however, as these deal more damage than Harpoons.

After you complete the challenge, you will receive 2 Secret Chests of Volare. Each chest gives you a chance of receiving the Volare Island Token. If you don’t get the Volare Island Token, you have to come back another time and complete the co-op challenge again.

Volare Island Rewards

The only rewards your can expect to get from Volare Island are the Secret Chests of Volare and, possibly, the Volare Island Soul/Token. Don’t expect to get Gold or random loot by killing the clowns on the island as well, as these monsters will only drop Cannonballs and Harpoons.

Aside from the Volare Island Soul, you can also get a few Mokoko Seeds on Volare Island. If you have enough Island Souls and Mokoko Seeds, you can exchange them for various rewards at the NPC in Opher, The Lonely Island, and Totoma in Mokoko Village, respectively.

How many Islands does Lost Ark have?

There are more than 100 individual islands in Lost Ark and around 90 Island Souls to collect. You can start sailing to and exploring islands in the game as soon as you unlock the ability to sail in-game.

Some islands will be open 24/7 while others only spawn at specific times during the week. Volare Island only appears according to the Adventure Island schedule of Volare Island found in Procyon’s Compass.


Volare Island offers a fun co-op challenge that requires you to kill 100 Crocodiles and 2 Deadly Poison Crocodiles to get the Volare Island Soul. Work with other players and collect as many Cannonballs and Harpoons as you can to complete the challenge on time, receive the pair of Secret Chests of Volare, and hopefully get the Volare Island Soul.

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