How to Unlock Platinum Fields in Lost Ark

What is Platinum Field?

Platinum Field is a dedicated Trade Skill farming dungeon in Lost Ark, where you can farm a large amount of Trade Skill Nodes in a short time. This is perfect for flash-farming specific Trade Skill nodes without using precious Life Energy.

As you probably already know, using Trade Skills such as Foraging, Logging, and Mining will net you Trade Skill Nodes from each respective Trade Skill. However, the number of nodes you can get from manually farming these nodes is quite limited, as you can only farm these nodes when you have enough Life Energy. Once your Life Energy runs out, you’ll have to wait until the next refresh to start farming nodes again.

Platinum Field runs will not use Life Energy, but you are limited to just 15 minutes per run. Despite the short duration, however, the amount of nodes you can get from Platinum Fields will be more than you could ever farm in the same amount of time when using Trade Skills normally.

How do you Unlock Platinum Field in Lost Ark?

You can unlock Platinum Field after you acquire your first Entrance Ticket: Platinum Field (Bound). Getting the Entrance Ticket will take some time, however, as the drop rates for this ticket are low. Just keep using Trade Skills, and you’ll eventually get an entrance ticket as a random drop.

Once you have your Entrance Ticket: Platinum Field, head to the Platinum Field statue in any major city in Lost Ark, and use the entrance ticket to start your first Platinum Field run.

How does Platinum Fields work?

Platinum Field works like any other area filled with Trade Skill nodes in Lost Ark – you can approach the nodes you want to farm and start farming using your Trade Skill Tools. There’s also a special event in Platinum Field where you can collect specific items and deliver them to get more nodes.

When you enter the Platinum Field, you will find three items in the top left corner of your screen. These are items you must find and deliver to the Platinum Field entrance. This event can start anytime while foraging, logging, or mining in Platinum Field. Deliver these nodes to unlock portals that contain extra nodes.

Keep checking for items in the upper left corner of your screen and deliver them to the Platinum Field entrance to progress in the event. A new island will pop up once you have delivered enough event items, and there you’ll find more nodes and a chest that contains crafting materials.

Platinum Field is played best with a party, so your party can split up and farm different nodes at different locations. Entering alone should be fine, but you’ll be limited in the types of nodes you can farm by doing so. Remember, you only have 15 minutes to farm in Platinum Field, so going in with a party should make farming all nodes more efficient.

Do you need a ticket for Lost Ark Plantinum Field?

Yes, you need a ticket to enter Platinum Field in Lost Ark. Your first Platinum Field run isn’t free either, as you’ll only be able to go on your first Platinum Field run after you acquire an entrance ticket through doing Trade Skills.

Drop rates for the Platinum Field entrance ticket are fairly low, which means you’ll have to keep using Trade Skills to acquire another entrance ticket and enter Platinum Field. The wait should be worth it, as you’ll be able to farm boatloads of nodes on your Platinum Field runs.


Platinum Field is a valuable Trade Skill dungeon for flash farming multiple Trade Skill Nodes in Lost Ark, so you’ll want to unlock this dungeon as soon as you can so you can start farming valuable Trade Skill nodes. Go foraging, logging, and mining until you deplete your Life Energy to increase your chances of acquiring the entrance ticket to unlock Platinum Field.

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