Kharmine’s Lair Guide Lost Ark

Where is Kharmine’s Lair?

Kharmine’s Lair is located within a patch of Dead Waters near the Sea of Heavens in Lost Ark. You can find Kharmine’s Lair easily by opening the World Map (M) and zooming in on islands left of the Wall of Procyon.

You can visit Kharmines Lair anytime, as the island is always open, but while the Recommended Item Level is a relatively low 635, you’ll want to make sure you’re a little above that number as some monsters on the island can be quite strong. You can get an Island Token and three Mokoko Seeds on Kharmine’s Lair.

How to Get the Kharmine’s Lair Island Token?

You can get the Kharmine’s Lair Island Token as a reward for completing the quest Dark and Pale. To get the Dark and Pale quest, you must be at Level 50 and have completed What the Thunder Saw, Forlorn Heart, and Glaring Chaos.

Dark and Pale’s quest objectives are straightforward – kill demons in the purple-marked area on Kharmine’s Lair and collect Meat Chunks to give to the Sleepless Crow. After you give Meat Chunks, the crow will drop a Regulus sculpture, which will prompt your character to play the Song of Reminiscence.

A short cutscene of a conversation between Kharmine and Armen will then play out. After which, simply talk to the Sleepless Crow again to complete the Dark and Pale quest.

Kharmine’s Lair Rewards

All of the rewards you can get on Kharmine’s Lair are from the only quest on the island – Dark and Pale. The rewards list even includes the island Token alongside various Stone Fragments, Leapstones, and Shards.

  • Kharmine’s Hideout Island Token
  • Destruction Stone Fragment (Bound) x20
  • Guardian Stone Fragment (Bound) x50
  • Harmony Leapstone (Bound) x3
  • Harmony Shard x153
  • Silver x381
  • Courage +2

Kharmine’s Lair Mokoko Seeds

There isn’t much in terms of quests or collectibles on Kharmine’s Lair, but there are three Mokoko Seeds you can collect on the island. Fortunately, all three Mokoko Seeds are sitting in the open, just waiting to be picked up. Here are their locations:


Kharmine’s Lair is one of those islands that don’t offer much in terms of quests or collectibles. Nevertheless, you can add an Island Token plus three Mokoko Seeds to your collection on Kharmine’s Lair, alongside a plethora of upgrade materials such as Stone Fragments, Leapstones, Shards, Silver, and Virtue Points.

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