Naruni Island Guide Lost Ark

Where is Naruni Island?

In Lost Ark, you can find Naruni Island in the clear waters between the Wall of Procyon, Whispering Sea, and Hypnos Sea. Look towards the island north of Rethramis, and you should be able to find Naruni Island on the World Map.

You can visit Naruni Island via your ship anytime, as the Admission Period is Always. However, ensure your character has at least Item Level 960 before you go to Naruni Island so you don’t get into trouble against enemies.

Naruni Island is also known as the Paradise of Narunis – lizard-like creatures in various colors and types.

How to Get the Naruni Island Soul?

The Naruni Island Soul is a reward for completing the Main Quest, Naruni Go!, on Naruni Island. The quest requirements are simple – interact with various Narunis on Naruni Island 101 times, and you will be able to complete the Naruni Go! Quest and get the Naruni Island Soul.

Narunis are active creatures that will move around the map randomly, which is a problem since you need around 3-4 seconds to complete each interaction with the Narunis. If the Naruni you’re interacting with decides to move while you are interacting with it, your interaction with the creature will not count.

The best way to get as many interactions with the Narunis on the island is by traveling to the area marked in the image below. You should find two Narunis that linger at the same spot for a few seconds, allowing you to complete a few solid interactions before they wander off to another spot.

The good news is that the same Narunis will quickly return to their original positions, allowing you to complete the same interaction reliably.

Naruni Island Quests and Rewards

Naruni Go! is the only quest on Naruni Island. The same quest gives out the Naruni Island Token plus a few more rewards after you complete the quest requirements.

  • Naruni Island Token
  • Uncommon Battle Engraving Recipe Selection Pouch x6
  • Uncommon Battle Engraving Recipe Chest x3
  • Epic Rapport Chest x3
  • Silver x10,000

Naruni Island Mokoko Seeds Locations

Aside from the Naruni Island Token and other rewards, you can collect five Mokoko Seeds on Naruni Island. You can find all five Mokoko Seeds without using special Sheet Music like the Song of Resonance or the Forest’s Minuet.

Start your Mokoko Seed hunt by heading north after you arrive on the island. There you will find some vines that you can climb to get to higher ground. Once you are on the plateau, move east and walk into the wall. Continue moving forward until an inspect icon pops up, indicating the presence of Mokoko Seed #1.

After you collect Mokoko Seed #1, move south and make your way to the dead end marked in the image below. You will find another set of vines you can use to climb to higher ground. Keep climbing until you reach the top, then next to some flowers should be Mokoko Seeds #2 and #3.

With Mokoko Seeds #2 and #3 secured, move to the middle of the island marked in the image below. At the foot of the tree should be Mokoko Seed #4.

Head north after you collect Mokoko Seed #4 to find the final Mokoko Seed. Look for the rock formations shown in the image below to find Mokoko Seed #5.


Naruni Island only has a handful of content you can complete in Lost Ark. There’s just one main quest called Naruni Go! that gives out the Naruni Island Soul and other rewards such as Engravings, Rapport Chest, and Silver. The only other content you can find on Naruni Island is the five Mokoko Seeds spread across various areas on the island.

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