How To Get Providence Stones in Lost Ark?

What are Providence Stones in Lost Ark?

Providence Stones are a limited-use currency in Lost Ark mainly used for purchasing Rapport gifts.

In case you didn’t know, Rapport is an important Lost Ark mechanic that lets you interact and build relationships with NPCs, such as the barkeeper Neria in Prideholm. Through Providence Stones, you can buy Rapport gifts and gift them to NPCs of your choice.

By doing so, you can get various in-game loot such as Stat and Vitality Increase Potions, Gold, Cards, Skill Runes, and more. The more Rapport gifts you give to NPCs of your choice, the more you’ll improve your Rapport with them, which should also improve your chances of getting something worthwhile from them in return.

How to get Providence Stones in Lost Ark?

You can get Providence Stones by defeating Elite and Alpha enemies and bosses and completing Una’s Daily Tasks. Participating in quests around the game and clearing specific dungeons will also reward you with Providence Stones.

Una’s Daily Tasks are the most popular method of getting Providence Stones in Lost Ark Specifically, the following quests will get you the most Providence Stones from Una’s Daily Tasks:

  • An Even Better Beer Snack
  • Meat the Challenge
  • Whale Watching
  • Whispering Harmony

Aside from completing Una’s Daily Tasks, you can also get Providence Stones for beating Elite and Alpha enemies (enemies with an orange aura), so make sure you seek out these enemies if you’re trying to farm as many Providence Stones as possible.

You can also get Providence Stones from normal quests and Sudden challenges such as those that require you to kill a specific type and number of enemies in an area within a time limit.

Collect a the most Providence Stones by completing the following Quests:

  • Blinding Fog (Maze of Mirrors)
  • Elzowin’s Defender (Phantom Palace)
  • Fallen Flamekeeper (Realm of Elementals)
  • Finding Vrad (Vrad’s Hideout)
  • Repair the Magic Barrier (Night of Walpurgis)
  • Qualifications to Enter Balankar (Gorgon’s Nest)
  • Wolves at the Sanctum (Frostpeak Temple)

What can I buy with Providence Stones in Lost Ark?

You can buy a Rapport gift using Providence Stones in Lost Ark, which you can then gift to an NPC of your choice. Doing so will increase your Rapport with NPCs across the game so you can get valuable loot like Gold, Cards, and Skill Runes, among other loot.

Go to the Exchange Rapport NPC (Nada) to swap your Providence Stones for Rapport Items.

There are various ways to get Providence Stones in Lost Ark, but you can get the most Providence Stones by participating in Una’s Daily Tasks and completing the specific Dungeon Quests listed above.

Are Providence Stones Roster Wide in Lost Ark?

Yes, Providence Stones are Roster Wide in Lost Ark, which means you can access your Providence Stones regardless of the character you’re using within the same server.

This makes a ton of sense, as Rapport is also shared between roster characters in Lost Ark as well. You can accumulate Providence Stones across your multiple characters and use all of them on the NPCs of your choice on your main character.


Providence Stones serve a limited yet important function in Lost Ark – purchasing Rapport gifts to build Rapport with various NPCs in the game. Fortunately, you can easily acquire Providence Stones for free by completing various activities, tasks, and Quests in Lost Ark.

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