Marvel’s Avengers Game Incredible Hulk Character Profile

By | 09/09/2019
Marvel's Avengers Game Incredible Hulk Character Profile



A new video has been teased by Square Enix showcasing upcoming Marvel’s Avengers game Incredible Hulk character profile as part of a wave of short videos.

In a recent video for the upcoming action game based on Marvel’s team of superheroes, some new information and details, albeit very small, have been showcased for the Incredible Hulk.

Marvel’s Avengers Game: Incredible Hulk Character Bio

The video seems to suggest that there will be an in-game character showcase similar to Batman: Arkham Knight, that will allow players to view character models and biographies.

The video also demonstrates smashing Hulk gameplay including launching enemies into the air, smashing and stomping.

While the gameplay only shows the typical torn pants style Hulk, the character bio does allude to some alternate costumes which have already been confirmed by the game’s developers.

Avenger's Game Incredible Hulk
Hulk Stomp

Originally teased in January 2017, Marvel’s Avengers has been slowly and surely becoming more and more prominent as the game’s developers and publisher, Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix released bits of information.

The game will feature a solid single-player story as well as multiple online modes that require cooperative play.

Characters can pick up loot boxes throughout the game that will contribute to their skill tree, contain items and weapons or costumes.

Various items and costumes can also be obtained through achievements and story progress throughout the game.

As well as the Avengers team, it has been confirmed that the game will also feature several heroes and villains from numerous Marvel comic books.

Not a lot is currently known about the game however Marvel’s Avengers is shedule for release on May 15th, 2020 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows PC and Google Stadia.

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6 thoughts on “Marvel’s Avengers Game Incredible Hulk Character Profile

  1. Vic A.

    This looks like so much fun, I can’t wait!! That shot at the start of the video with him in the suit also looks awesome. You know who I’m going to be playing as when I get this 🙂

    1. Michael Gore Post author

      Hi Vic and thanks for commenting.

      Marvel’s: The Avengers is being developed as part of what is called the Marvel Interactive Universe, where just like the movies, there may be a reaching story arc across multiple games with characters possibly appearing in each other’s stories, however no other games have been confirmed as of yet.

      Being a bit of a geek/nerd or whatever, I agree that the suit Hulk looks great and one of my favourite things in games is alternate costumes and character bios.

      Keep an eye out for more news as the release date of May 2020 gets closer.


  2. Tom-Inge Nilsen

    Looks like an interesting game, although the video was a bit on the short end, it gives a glimpse of what to expect. Awesome for Marvel fans. Good games takes a while to create, so hopefully it is worth the wait. Good single-player stories are a must, unless you are very into mindless grinding of enemies. Nice post, keep up the good work.

    1. Michael Gore Post author

      Thanks for commenting Tom.

      This video is indeed extremely short and seems to show unfinished or very early stage action.

      Although the game is scheduled for May next year, I would expect it to be delayed.

      Apparently Marvel’s Avengers will have both a rich single-player or co-op story and an excellent online component which I am really looking forward to.


  3. ann borromeo

    Wow! didn’t know there is a marvel game, I wish they would release the game for mac users too lolz or maybe in steam. I would love to play hulk and be able to smash things hahahah

    1. Michael Gore Post author

      Hi Ann and thanks for commenting.

      Yes, the Marvel Avengers game is on the way. 😀

      Up to now there has been no mention of a Mac version and I wouldn’t expect to see it.

      However, PS4 and Xbox One are relatively cheap these days and I honestly believe they will be cheaper by the time the game releases.



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