Teaser on the Hulk in the upcoming Avengers Game

As part of a series of short films, Square Enix has released a new video presenting the Incredible Hulk character profile from the forthcoming Marvel Avengers game.

The Incredible Hulk has just received some fresh updates and details, although minor ones, for the forthcoming action game centered on Marvel’s squad of superheroes.

Hulk Stomping

Marvel’s Avengers was first hinted at in January 2017, and since then, creators Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have progressively been revealing more and more details about the game.

The game will include many cooperative online modes and a strong single-player narrative.

Throughout the game, characters may find loot boxes that add to their skill trees, include goods and weapons, or contain outfits.

Through the course of the game’s milestones and plot progression, several goods and outfits may also be acquired.

It has been announced that the game would include several good guys and bad guys from other Marvel comic books and the Avengers squad.

Incredible Hulk Character Profile in Marvel’s Avengers

Similar to Batman: Arkham Knight, it seems that there is an in-game character that lets players explore character models and bios, as per the video.

Additionally, the video shows off how to play as the Hulk while crushing, stomping, and throwing opponents into the air.

Although the gameplay only depicts the standard Hulk with ripped trousers, the character profile does refer to certain additional outfits that the game’s creators have verified.

Marvel’s Avengers will be available on 15th of May, 2020 on Xbox One, Windows PC, PlayStation 4 and Google Stadia. Although there isn’t much information about the game yet that’s been shared.

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