PS5 Release Date Expected to be Announced This Week

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Sony has begun promoting a conference for this week where the PS5 release date and full details are expected.

Titled “The Future of Gaming“, the press conference is set to take place this Thursday.

Full details of the upcoming successor the hugely successful PlayStation 4 are expected to be revealed.

From their own website, Sony is touting some details of the machine without specifics.

According to the website, “Lightning Speed”, “Stunning Games” and “Breathtaking Immersion” are the key features of the console.

The speed of the PS5 is down to Sony’s custom graphics processor, main CPU and already much talked about extremely fast Solid State Drive.

Unreal Engine 5 on PlayStation 5
Unreal Engine 5 on PS5

The SSD of PS5 will significantly decrease load times, make more efficient use of space and allow almost instant installation of games.

Graphics quality and new features are also a big part of the new machine with next-gen technology powering the way forward.

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Photorealistic visuals will be theoretically possible as developers learn how to utilize the graphics architecture.

The immersion and control features of PlayStation 5 have also been the focal point of recent discussions.

The Tempest Engine of the machine is said to be a huge leap in audio technology.

PlayStation 5 DualSense Controller
PS5 DualSense Controller

Audio physics can be programmed by developers that make a game environment far more realistic.

For example, the new audio engine makes it possible for you to hear every raindrop all around you in every direction as if you were actually standing in the rain.

Other features of the console such as the new DualSense controller were revealed a few weeks ago as they shipped to developers.

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Controller features include adaptive triggers, haptic feedback and a “Create” feature amongst others.

Adaptive triggers can be used for resistance such as that of a gun’s trigger or a car’s accelerator pedal.

Godfall on PlayStation 5
Godfall on PS5

Haptic feedback allows for communication by touch such as the current vibration technology but can include force and motion.

The Create feature hasn’t been elaborated on yet by Sony, only that it is a big improvement over the current “Share” feature.

I expect that this will be demonstrated in the upcoming press conference.

A Tempest 3D audio microphone array is also included in the new controller which allows communication without the need for a traditional microphone.

Epic Games has already demonstrated the power of the PS5 in a recent video of their upcoming Unreal Engine 5, with Tim Sweeney describing it as, “absolutely phenomenal“.

The Sony PlayStation 5 “Future of Gaming” press conference is scheduled for this Thursday, June 4 at 9 pm British Summer Time, 4 pm Eastern Daylight Time and 1 pm Pacific Daylight Time.

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