Most Recent State of Play Reveals Ghost of Tsushima Gameplay

Sony Interactive Entertainment included some gameplay from Ghost of Tsushima in their most recent State of Play Episode.

The game is the most recent in a long series of fantastic PS4 exclusives, developed by Sucker Punch Productions and released by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Ghost of Tsushima has now been fully shown after experiencing several delays and a notable absence of gameplay details. It promises some fantastic medieval action and is centered on the tale of a Samurai warrior in 13th-century Japan.

The gameplay seems to be centered on third-person action that combines stealth and katana fighting and takes place in a large open environment.

The most recent gameplay video suggests that the videogame will strongly emphasize exploration, which is essential to the experience.

The game will include a lot of side missions and individuals with mysteries to uncover, much like the majority of open-world epics like The Witcher or Skyrim. But what makes Tsushima unique is that it guides players to interesting places using a technique called “Guiding Wind.”

Although this could seem like an excellent concept, it seems to run somewhat opposed to the excitement of discovering something noteworthy.
Guiding Wind won’t always reveal everything, so there are specific indicators you’ll need to actively look out for, like clouds in the sky or animals acting oddly.

Being a big island, Tsushima needs a horse to navigate around that can be summoned, ala Red Dead Redemption. Similar to RDR, collectibles are also harvested. Players may collect things, animals, and plants for various gaming purposes.

Given that Jin, the Samurai protagonist, the fight attack seems to be a vital aspect of the game.

In the end, one player in the game goes on a killing rampage, taking down adversary after enemy while flicking the blood off his blade in Seven Samurai manner.

As one cannot simply stand there and get cut fifty times before dying, it looks that fighting is likewise somewhat realistic.

Like the combat game, Kengo, Jin must save his efforts to make every attack relevant. He will be seen wearing Samurai armor, which looks to be able to deflect arrows shot from a distance and crude blows, so he is not entirely defenseless.

Intense music running while taking in some drastic action is a notable element.

Swiftly changing from lighthearted fantasy music to powerful Japanese orchestra sound would fit well in any vintage Samurai movie.
Once the heavy action concludes, the standard audio takes over again.

He can also perform stealth warfare, which makes use of well-known strategies like diversions, long-range arrows, sneak kills, and so forth.

A notable aspect of this is that opponents watch as their allies are slained and are visibly terrified, fleeing or awkwardly slithering as if they were in the face of evil.

Lastly, as anticipated, it may be modified in authentic Japanese style from the 13th century. Samurai armor and stealth clothes are included in this.

For new skills and improvements, Omomori Charms may be worn, and dye blooms can be used to change the color of clothes.

As each piece of these clothings has functionality in the sport that will “highlight your play style,” the video emphasizes that clothes and armor are more than simply decorative items.

Yes, there is a thorough Photo Mode included as an extra bonus, and video creation is also possible.

While in photo mode, the scene’s elements, like the wind speed, leaves, and fireflies that affect the character, may be changed.

It is instantly apparent from the gameplay that this game environment is incredible.

It can be concluded that a great deal of time and effort was put into recreating the amazing beauty of Japan and that this has been a product of blood, sweat and tears or an expeditiously produced money-grabber.

The PlayStation 4 exclusive game Ghost of Tsushima is scheduled for release on July 17.

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