Hyping You Up with PS Plus October 2020 Update

You may play Need for Speed: Payback on PS Plus in October 2020, or you can dive into Vampyr.

We get fantastic titles as part of our monthly PS Plus membership.

Not every player will like the titles offered, and often we only receive one Major game and one independent game.

However, the PS Plus games for October 2020 are a bit better than normal.

PS Plus will launch Need for Speed: Payback in October 2020.

We will be receiving two rather good titles this month, albeit they are still quite pricey to buy.

This month, Need for Speed: Payback & Vampyr are available for free, and once claimed, they’ll remain in your Steam library for as long as your PS Plus membership is current.


The role-playing action game Vampyr is inspired by classic and modern gothic tales, including Interview with the Vampire, Dracula, and The Strange Case with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Vampyr, a video game created by Dontnod Entertainment and published by Focus Home Interactive, was released in June 2018. It takes place in post-Great War London.

As Dr. Jonathan E. Reid, you must accept that you have just become a monster of the night.

Reid, a certified physician, is divided between his newfound appetite & his Hippocratic Oath to “Do No Harm.”

The game, like Jekyll and Hyde, tries to show the duality of man as we struggle to resist our animal tendencies and uphold social expectations.

It can achieve Vampyr without consuming human blood, but Reid won’t be able to advance in his vampire abilities.

Vampyr, a third-person role-playing game, has a robust skill tree that renders Reid a more powerful vampire should he give in to the need.

Such strengths include claws, mesmerization and mist form are examples of supernatural talents.

Reid of Vampyr Needs Food to Rank Up His Powers

If you decide not to pursue the vampire path, you may use various weapons, including pistols, rifles and even bats.

The game is semi-open-world with explorable sections and is set in a fictionalized version of London.

As with any good open-world game, there is much more going on than just the main plot; Reid may explore other places for hints about what’s occurring in town and complete several side objectives.

There is Much Going On in Vampyr’s Rich Game World.

The game’s setting is evocative of the Victorian-era Whitechapel’s twisting lanes and shadowy alleyways, where Jack the Ripper’s prior reign of terror left a chilling sense of evil that still lingers today.

Reid will face several adversaries as the plot develops, including humans, other vampires, and werewolves.

Although Vampyr wasn’t a tremendous hit, it did end up selling over a million copies and getting ratings that were, on average, 7 out of 10. These reviews came from Gamespot & IGN.

Need for Speed Payback

Payback, the 23rd installment in the wildly successful Need for Speed series, is focused on a group of motorheads in a made-up Las Vegas community called Fortune Valley.

Need for Speed: Payback, created by Ghost Games and distributed by Electronic Arts, was launched in November 2017.

Payback, which stands out from the previous Need For Speed games by emphasizing spectacular set pieces and outlandish film-like sequences, focuses more on intervention driving scenes inspired by Fast & Furious.

You must compete in illegal events with a group of fellow street racers & mechanics to take down “The House” – the criminal enterprise operating in Fortune Valley.

The narrative is a characteristic of the more recent Need for Speed games, such as the series relaunch from 2015, and it uses mo-cap actors for dramatic effect.

Locations in Need for Speed: Payback is Detailed

There is a huge selection of vehicles to choose from, including ATVs, supercars, and vintage automobiles, as is now customary with A need for Speed games.

They may be modified with different upgrades, adjustments, and renowned visual modifications from the series.

The game also introduces a brand-new category of vehicles called “Derelicts.”

Need for Speed Payback: Rebuilding Derelict Structures

Derelicts are unique bespoke vehicles manufactured from wrecked vintage automobiles that must be rebuilt using derelict pieces that may be located around Fortune Valley.

You must be looking for police as they search the area for unlawful racing in addition to the quick-action racing against The House.

In contrast to Need of Speed 2015, Payback has police missions that may be started using bait crates rather than free-roaming officers.

Payback Features for Need for Speed Vintage police cars

A variety of police-based vehicles will pursue you due to special cop missions that Bait Crates will launch.

The traditional Crown Victoria is among them, as are turbocharged Corvettes and sometimes even helicopters.

Police will use several strategies, such as stingers, roadblocks, and the Killswitch EMP device, during Bait Chases.

Need for Speed: Payback Bait Chases is Jampacked

Your multipliers, Rep, and money will suffer severe losses if the police catch you.

Despite receiving a low rating, the game was lauded for fixing some of the worst parts of 2015’s Need for Speed but received harsh criticism for its excessive usage of microtransactions.

EA has been compelled to scale down the usage of microtransactions in the more recent versions due to their excessive deployment of “Pay to Win” situations.

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