2019’s Most Played Game on PS4 – Apex Legends

The most popular free-to-play game of 2019 has been identified as Apex Legends on the PlayStation 4.

The announcement is included in E.A’s most recent financial report from the fourth quarter of 2019.

According to the data, Apex Legends indeed led the list of most downloaded free-to-play games by PS4 users.

The study also notes that The Sims 4 user population has grown consistently over the last three quarters and that revenue has climbed to $5.54 billion. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Knights has sold over 10 million copies.

Battle Royale games, one of the greatest development secrets in gaming, became an unexpected smash after being released in February of last year.

Apex Legends, E.A’s Fortnite rival, debuted without fanfare or formal promotion.

Characters from Apex Champions Season 2

Apex Legends has been a big hit for Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment, the studio behind Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

Legends had 50 million gamers each month in its early months of availability.

Since then, the player base has gradually reduced to 8 to 10 million players each month, comparable to Fortnite’s current concurrent gamers.

Like Fortnite, Apex’s popularity is mostly due to the regular upgrades and fresh added features.

Battle Royale games are a perfect fit for the online gaming paradigm since players log on daily and anticipate fresh content.

These games remain engaging and new because of the periodic overall releases that include chapters with weekly updates.

The first-person shooter game is situated in the Titanfall world of mech battles.

Apex Legends does have action, even if you won’t get to navigate a mech.

Team-based goals must be accomplished in a Battle Royale adventure with just an amazing science fiction twist.

The game has a ton of weapons, gorgeous character models, and realistic landscapes.

Since the beginning of last year, this online shooter has amassed a player base faster than Fortnite did in years.

Fortnite has undoubtedly contributed to the explosion in popularity of Battle Royale over the last several years, and Apex may owe Fortnite for it.

Naturally, this calls for committed development staff, and Epic Games and other creators should be commended for their challenging work.

The fact that these games never appear to date is another factor attracting new players.

The odd bad report about Fortnite dying sometimes circulates, but as has been noted repeatedly, the stats speak for themselves.

The fake icon status that Twitch broadcasters of all these games have attained is one aspect contributing to unfavorable coverage for titles like these.

Professionals in the online gaming industry have a lot of influence, and when they criticize a game for whatever reason, everyone pays attention.

When a specific professional gamer is having a poor day, it draws unfavorable attention to the games they play.

The professional gamer’s mentality is wired in such a way that they are unable to keep themselves together, if they lose a specific game.

Of course, it can be assumed that that was everyone else’s problem and not their own.

But it is a different tale.

The fact that Respawn Entertainment produced the top two moneymakers, apart from E.A.’s blockbuster FIFA game, is fantastic news for the developer.

We should all eagerly anticipate their next project, whatever it may be, given that both of their most recent collaborations with E.A. have been beyond successful.

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