COVID-19 Cancels Fortnite World Cup 2020

Epic Games has canceled the Fortnite Cup Final 2020 due to the ongoing worldwide pandemic.

Epic Games has declared that they are “hopeful” that the tournament will continue for 2021, even though the announcement has disappointed both players and the business itself.

Events like Gaga concerts and athletic events like the Tokyo Olympic games have been postponed throughout the globe.

It seems like an intelligent thing to cancel eSports events, which draw thousands of spectators over many days.

However, Fortnite Competitive has noted that additional actual events would soon be streamed live.

Epic Games is still committed to hosting events, even if they will now be conducted online.

Whereas hosting a worldwide competition online isn’t technically feasible, the World Cup was fully canceled due to the game’s inherent geographical restrictions. This has forced a complete cancellation of the event.

We’ll have to wait and see what this implies for the World Cup if it has one, next year.

For instance, whether or not the reward pool will roll over. Although I doubt it, it would be fantastic for Fortnite gamers and a compelling incentive to participate.

The Fortnite tournament was a massive success from the previous year, with gamers taking home $30 million in prizes.

Giersdorf, widely known as “Bugha” a gifted young kid, took home the $3 million top prize from the competition.

Likewise, The International, a DOTA 2 tournament, has just been canceled by Valve. The big eSports tournament, scheduled to take place in Stockholm, has been postponed until at least 2021.

According to Valve, they cannot provide precise dates for when the game will restart.

Riot Games’ 2020 League of Legends tournament has been removed from this year’s list of events as well.

Everyone can hope that things will return to normal shortly, even if 2020 will continue to be a failure for world events.

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