Crytek Officially Launches Crysis Remastered for PC 

Crysis Remastered, the iconic first-person shooter game, which is now finally available on PC has recently been revealed and you can expect it to be as splendid as it did on its previous launch.

When Crysis was published in 2007, it was the most technologically sophisticated gaming world ever and set the bar for games of the current generation.

Crysis has already had two standalone sequels and one spin-off game.

Crysis was developed by Crytek, the company behind the first Far Cry, and released by Electronic Arts. It included game world characteristics that were far superior to those of its rivals.

The game’s real-time rendering on CryEngine, the company’s in-house gaming engine, allowed for mind-blowing realism at the time.

The engine made real-time WYSIWYG development and an A.I. editing system possible.

CryEngine was the first to incorporate graphics and rendering technologies together in one spot.

CryEngine might be used to create interactive audio, face animations, U.V. mapping, skeleton rigging and animation.

Additionally, rendering was possible for all real-time in-game visual systems, including volumetric lighting, ambient occlusion, and HDR lighting.

There are advanced camera methods as well,  like depth of field & motion blur were accessible years before they were often used in video games.

CryEngine combined all facets of game production into one, including world-building, modeling, and texturing.

Prey, Ryse: Son the Rome, and Star Citizen are just a few AAA games that have used the game engine from that point on, which has since expanded and evolved into CryEngine V.

Teaser for Crysis Remastered

The game’s plot and setting seem to be staying the same. However, Saber Interactive completely recreated the game for the remaster.

The plot of Crysis is rather straightforward: aliens have invaded, and an elite unit of super-soldiers equipped with nanotechnology has been dispatched to fight them.

Now-common features like team-based play, expanding powers, a quasi-open environment, and pathos-building narrative components were all introduced by Crysis.

The game has been updated to make use of cutting-edge hardware on a variety of platforms.

Teaser for the Crysis Remastered game

Enhanced anti-alias rendering, high-resolution texturing, and novel lighting approaches are examples of such technology.

Although, the mention of “software-based ray tracing” is intriguing.

This is crucial since ray tracing is a very complex lighting method that is often only possible offline instead of in real-time.

It was never impossible; all it needed were specialized, powerful, and costly processors.

Ray tracing has been used since the 1970s and is nothing new.

Movies often use the ultra-realistic lighting method that computers take a long time to generate each frame.

Ray tracing is difficult to implement in real-time in games because of the intricate computations needed.Ray tracing may now be done in real-time using a system’s graphics processor instead of the main CPU, mostly due to Nvidia.

Given that CryTek specifies software-based ray tracing, it’s possible that the game may use ray tracing in some capacity on computers that can handle it.

It’s one thing to create games for consoles, where the technology is well understood and can be used to its full potential. However, the original game was well recognized for severely forcing P.C. hardware.

The projected findings from are a bit more forgiving than that of the comparative & relative hardware of the original, even though Crysis’ specifications haven’t been officially revealed.

You would still need a powerful computer to get the most of the remake of the most known computer-bugging game in P.C. gaming.

If you’re hoping for a significant online component but haven’t heard anything further, let’s keep our prayers up.

Crytek’s official website has been updated with just an official Crysis Remastered article on their news page, possibly confirming the numerous claims.

The news article states that Crysis Remastered will be published this summer on P.C., PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and to everybody else’s surprise, Nintendo Switch.

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