Info on Resident Evil Village Released Ahead of PS5 Demo

RE Village’s multiplayer information and game features, as well as the exclusive demo for the PlayStation 5, have been shown.

The eighth major entry in the well-known Resident Evil series of survival horror games is titled Village.

Resident Evil was renowned for its extreme third-person action, so Biohazard’s switch to first-person was a radical departure and a risk.

Nevertheless, it makes sense to keep using a forced first-person viewpoint given the intense horror undertone of Village.

The village also is played in the first person, similar to Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.

Ethan Winters, another Resident Evil 7 character, is the game’s protagonist.

It’s been said that fighting in the next game has changed, with Ethan exhibiting incredible hand-to-hand combat maneuvers that make for some heated clashes.

While on episode seven, Ethan was looking for his wife, who had vanished, now his daughter has been abducted.

Being situated in a sinister village is also nothing new.

Setting somewhere in a European town, Resident Evil 4 prohibits Leon Kennedy.

Additionally, an attaché case that Ethan can use for store weapons and stuff storage, is among Ethan’s inventory, exactly as in RE 4.

Resident Evil is expected to become massive this 2021.

In addition to Village, there will be a movie, several TV series, and a Division 2 crossover.

Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy gets featured in the CGI action series Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, by Netflix.

The well-known streaming service has also commissioned a Resident Evil-based live-action TV program; more information will be released.

In contrast to Resident Evil’s normal concentration on zombies and the virus, Village seems to have opened the door to more otherworldly threats.

Numerous horror icons, such as werewolves, vampires, and witches, are included in this adventure.

But we understand that one of the Supernatural writers created the program based on Albert Wesker’s daughters.

Additionally, Ubisoft has revealed a tie-in for Division 2 where gamers may start claiming items with Resident Evil themes on February 2, 2021.

A free demo is now available for download for PlayStation 5 users.

Resident Evil Village is scheduled for launching on May 7, 2021.

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