Roblox Surpasses Minecraft as Most Played Game

By | 05/08/2019
Roblox Surpasses Minecraft as Most Played Game



World sharing MMO Roblox has reportedly surpassed other massive titles Minecraft and Fortnite to currently become the world’s officially most played online game.

New active online player figures suggest that Roblox has now overtaken Minecraft as the most played online game.

An active player base exceeding 100 million users suggests that the game is now more popular than super hit Minecraft, whose active player figures stand at around 91 million.

Roblox Official Trailer

Developed and published by The Roblox Corporation, Roblox the video game is a similar game to Minecraft in that it allows the creation, sharing and indeed playing of each other’s virtual worlds.

Part MMO game, part game design/development tool, Roblox gives players the opportunity to create unique worlds and stories within the development platform, a subgenre of gaming that is becoming increasingly popular, especially with female gamers at around 40% of the total player base.

Roblox Screenshot 04
Roblox In-Game Screenshot

Similar games such as The Sims series, Minecraft and to a degree, Fortnite, are also popular with girls, with the majority of The Sims players being female.

The game also features an entire economy using Robux that can be purchased with real-world money and can be used to buy new in-game items.

Roblox Screenshot 03
Roblox In-Game Screenshot

Similar to Second Life, some Roblox players are currently earning a living from the game by charging for items and worlds that they have created, with the total combined earnings for Roblox creators now surpassing $30 million per year.

The developers suggest that the main appeal of Roblox is that it encourages multiplayer gaming and shared experiences, with more than half of its active players spending time with friends while in the game.

Roblox Screenshot 02
Roblox In-Game Screenshot

There are currently 15 million available games inside Roblox that have been created by its users available via cross-platform play.

Roblox prides itself on being a family and child-friendly environment, which for the most part it is, but that hasn’t stopped vile individuals from trying to exploit the system.

Roblox Screenshot 01
Roblox In-Game Screenshot

Various stories concerning explicit games and strip clubs created by users, pedophile grooming and even depictions of child abuse have surfaced from various news outlets over the past years.

The Roblox Corporation is quick to respond to any and all incidents and they cannot really be held responsible for the perverted minds of others, however, a review system of all content should be put in place before it is published anywhere inside the Roblox system.

Roblox is available now for PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Amazon Devices, and Xbox One.

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6 thoughts on “Roblox Surpasses Minecraft as Most Played Game

  1. Strahinja

    Wow. It was a long time since a played a video game. I think for almost a year now. However, I very enjoyed playing Minecraft. Was not following trends and I am really surprised that this game surpassed my favorite game. That is so awesome.

    I will definitely give it a try now, just for old times sake.

    Thank you for this article.

    1. Michael Gore Post author

      Hi and thanks for commenting.

      It is strange to think that the mighty Minecraft has been overtaken in terms of playerbase, and even stranger that by a game that most people have never heard of.

      Perhaps now would be a good time for you to get playing again.


  2. Tania

    Wow really I just shared this with my moko and he says he plays roblox and minecraft they are both popular in my house. Good write up thank you.

    1. Michael Gore Post author

      Hi Tania, thanks for commenting.

      Glad your Moko likes the post.

      Check back regularly for more gaming news.


  3. Alex Griffith

    This hits home, as I used to not only enjoy these games- I was rather addicted. I used to play Minecraft all the time in 6th and 7th grade, and then I transitioned to ROBLOX when it began getting bigger and bigger after my cousin showed it to me. I played ROBLOX all the way through 10th grade. I haven’t had much time for video games anymore, but ROBLOX certainly holds a special place in my heart after all of the time I invested towards it. I still have that gold trophy from the 2014 clan battles that they only awarded to, I think it was the top 2000 out of hundreds of thousands of players? I invested a lot of time towards that in 2014, I still remember!

    A lot of the time I view my time on video games as a waste, but then I think back and I remember moments like these, I’ll probably remember ROBLOX years and years down the road as well.

    Thank you for this article!

    1. Michael Gore Post author

      Hi Alex and thanks for commenting.

      Your Roblox skills are quite impressive, I have to say.

      I am dismayed that you consider your game time a waste, however, as John Lennon said, “Time wasted doing something you enjoy, isn’t wasted time”.

      Thanks for your input,


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