Remake of XIII Currently On Hold Until 2020

According to the game’s Head of Production Francois Coulon, the PlayMagic-developed and Microids-published updated edition of the indie shooter cult favorite, XIII has been postponed till an undefined time in 2020.

The remake of XIII: The Game has been postponed until an undisclosed period in 2020, according to F. Cuolon, Microids’ Head of Production, stating the need for additional time to further refine the game.

As per Francois Cuolon’s statement, they will be needing more time to further refine the game to a level suitable for release. XII, formally revealed in April, was supposed to be launched before 2019 ends. 

Additionally, he said that they are “excited” with the work that PlayMagic has already completed, suggesting that the wait is in no way a reflection negatively on the development efforts previously made.

XIII, a video game based on the well-known comic book television series, was created by Southend Interactive and released by Ubisoft in 2003 for several of the time’s most well-liked consoles, including the  Xbox, PlayStation 2, and Game Cube.

The narrative centers on Jason Fly, a man with amnesia who is dubbed by David Duchovny known for starring in The X Files, and struggles to reclaim his identity and memories after discovering that he is sought for the President’s murder.

As Fly seeks to learn the truth behind the situation he’s in, set in a world of spying, conspiracy and mystery, the drama develops with several revelations and surprises.

Even though XIII was a first-person shooter, the designers made an effort to keep some of the essential elements of the role that made comic books famous, such as conspiracy, mystery, and problem solving (investigation).

Although the game’s development needed to maintain the spirit of the comic books, XIII’s graphic presentation stood apart from other games.

The game’s virtual environment was stylized using cel-shaded visuals, a method for making a three-dimensional virtual environment seem two-dimensional, like a comic book.

Aside from the game being common, it encountered numerous errors which created an inequality with the other superbly constructed aspects of the game.

Despite flopping in the reviewers and receiving below-average ratings from reputable gaming publications, it can be noticed that XIII’s had an incredible development and execution

Even though the graphics and plot were highly lauded, most players thought XIII was an uneven game.

A “flawed masterpiece”, is what the Eurogamer thinks about the game.

But since then, FPS & comic book enthusiasts alike have come to love XIII, which has developed a cult-like fanbase.

Fans have been anticipating the release of the remastered version with additional features, including highly sophisticated animation and cel-shaded, high resolution 3D features.

XIII was supposed to be released for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Switch, and Mac on November 13, 2019, however, the said date has been postponed until sometime in 2020.

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