Microsoft “Unintentionally Shares” Upcoming Sims 4 University Expansion Pack

A Microsoft digital shop that has since been taken down included an unintentional leak of the upcoming Sims 4 University installment.

Leaked listings from third-party vendors are nothing new, and it seems that Microsoft is the most recent significant game vendor to unintentionally divulge details about an upcoming title.

The Sims 4: Discover University looks to be the next expansion pack for the game, and it has a pre-order page on every one of its digital marketplaces.

The Sims series is renowned for its abundance of packs, which may take many different forms, including full-game Expansion Packs, Stuff Packs, and the most recent Game Packs, which were introduced with The Sims 4.

Game Packs are a hybrid of the two, less substantial than Expansion Packs but with much more content than Stuff Packs. Expansion Packs often feature significant gameplay enhancements and add a lot to the game, while Stuff Packs typically include clothes and other stuff.

For instance, the most recent Game Pack introduced magic to The Sims universe:

The leak is hardly shocking since many Sims fans expected that the next Sims 4 expansion pack would center on a university, and it seems they were right.

The date indicates a potential release timeframe for the expansion, and it looks like the leak is for the Playstation One gaming system rather than the main PC series.

According to the leak, the next expansion will be released around November 15th. Console versions of Sims 4 EP typically come around one month after the PC/Mac release.

The specs of Sims 4: Discover University make the next EP seem quite interesting, if the leak is accurate, as it appears to be.

Adapt to School

The first fact provides some insight into the new gaming world:

Greetings from Britechester! When your Sim enrolls at the venerable University at Britechester or the cutting-edge Foxbury Institute, a new chapter will begin for them. Live in a dorm and off, ride a bike through Britechester, hang out at the student commons, & study in the library. Attend a school spirit event & support the students while wearing school colors to demonstrate your Sims’ pride.

The last piece of information concerns Sims’ residence and appearance:

Make your Sim’s room comfortable by adding items like posters and just a mini-fridge to their dorm room décor that expresses their individuality. Then, let them express their sense of personal style as they see fit; whether it’s by donning their nicest slacks or late-for-class sweats, there’s always a way to exhibit school pride or wow a classmate.

Like other Sims 4 EPs, this expansion pack seems rather big.

Britechester seems like it’ll be more than just a university and a real city featuring educational institutions and the typical business and residential sections. A new frontier is always welcome.

The additional activities the update will provide, like motorcycles and soccer, seem quite interesting. I am certain that there will be a myriad of trinkets and mysteries to expose as well as new cuisine — ramen, anyone? — as amazing as College life sounds in The Sims 4.

It also sounds excellent to include clubs. There is still a robotics society. Therefore it stands to reason that robots will eventually appear in the game.

Robots are a recurring theme in the Sims games and often appear around the conclusion of the series. Could this possibly be Sims 4’s last EP?

Observe, Chat, and Explore

Also included are facts on extracurricular and social activities Sims may participate in while attending university:

It’s up to your Sim to decide how to approach college life. They have the option of staying up late studying or sleeping in. And taking a break has never been more enjoyable with games like juice pong, tossing a soccer ball, and even hanging out with housemates! Additionally, your Sim may join clubs at school like the arts, robotics, debate,or even a shady secret society. Sims develop into their best selves to find out who they are intended to be as the school year goes on

Stay Elegant

The following information refers to the specific topics a Sim may study and how it typically impacts them:

Sims choose the university that appeals to them and discover courses in Art History, Biology, Information Science, even study villainy there. The more your Sim learns, the better they will be in engineering, law, and teaching jobs. Attend a lecture or work on term papers and presentations. Time management is essential since whether your Sim attends class or skips out on, it will damage his or her GPA.

Whatever makes it into the game or doesn’t, this expansion seems like it will be fantastic.

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