XIII: The Game Remake Gets Delayed Until Next Year

By | 12/08/2019
XIII: The Game Remake Gets Delayed Until Next Year



Microids Head of Production confirms that XIII: The Game’s remake will be delayed until an unspecified date sometime in 2020 citing more time needed to polish the game.

Being developed by PlayMagic and published by Microids the remastered version of cult classic, cel-shaded indie shooter XIII has been delayed into an unspecified period of 2020 according to the game’s Head of Production Francois Coulon.

Officially announced in April this year, the game was expected to arrive sometime before the end of 2019, however Mr. Coulon has stated that they need a little more time to polish the game to an acceptable release standard.

XIII: The Game (2020) Teaser Trailer

He also stated that they are “thrilled” with the work already done by PlayMagic indicating that the delay is not in any way a slight on the development progression already undertaken.

Based on the popular comic book series of the same name, XIII was originally developed by Southend Interactive, published by Ubisoft and was released in 2003 for many of the period’s popular platforms including PlayStation 2, Xbox and Game Cube.

XIII The Game Original Sreenshot
XIII: The Game from 2003

While XIII was a first-person shooter, the developers tried to retain some of the key role features that the comic books were known for such as mystery, intrigue and investigation.

The story follows an amnesiac named Jason Fly voiced by The X Files actor David Duchovny, as he tries to regain his memories and identity when he quickly comes to realize that he is wanted for the murder of the President.

Set in a world of conspiracy, espionage and intrigue the story unfolds with many plot twists and turns as Fly tries to uncover the truth about what has really happened.

XIII: The Game (2020) – Concept Art

Adhering to the original feel of the comic books was an important development decision for the game, however, what set XIII apart from other games was its visual presentation.

The game world was rendered using cel-shaded graphics, a technique used to stylize a 3D space virtual environment so that it looks 2 dimensional, like a comic book.

Although XIII was well developed and executed, the game did not perform too well with critics and scored low to average reviews from established gaming websites.

XIII: The Game (2020) – 3D Model Shading

While the presentation style and the story were highly praised, most gamers felt that XIII was a misshapen game.

There were numerous bugs and the gameplay itself was mundane representing an imbalance with the other excellently developed parts of the game.

Eurogamer even went so far as to call the game a “flawed masterpiece”.

However, since then, XIII has garnered a cult-like following and is a memorable favorite among FPS and comic book fans alike.

Since the announcement of a remaster, fans have been eagerly awaiting the release with new features set to include highly advanced animation and extremely high quality cel-shaded 3D models.

XIII was planned for release on November 13 2019 but has now been delayed until some time in 2020 when it will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC and Mac.

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