Download These PC Games At No Cost During the Pandemic

Here are up to five P.C. games to download during the current epidemic, thanks to the kind gestures of gaming companies.

Triple-A games are being given away for free by some of the biggest names in the video game business, such as Epic Games and Ubisoft.

You might understand if you assumed that gaming firms would just provide some dumb games that no one would play for free. But that’s not the case.

To make matters better, you may keep these games permanently after downloading them as long as you have an active account, except for demo and open BETA versions.

Additionally, these accounts may be established without cost and do not need a membership, unlike PlayStation Network and Xbox Live.

The Epic Games Store presently offers three games for free:

  • 2014 Unreal Tournament
  • Watchdogs
  • Predator Hunting Grounds (Free Weekend)
  • Child of Light

As you can see, a great selection of games here cater to players of every age group.

These games will need a free sign-up since the Epic Games Launcher software is needed to access them, once done, that’s it.

Download Unreal Tournament from the Epic Games Store at:

The Epic Games Store offers free access to all and no subscription is necessary.

Being the generous developer that they are, Epic Games releases game gifts on Thursdays.

There have been several outstanding free games accessible, even if not all of them are triple-A games.

The huge Arkham game was among three free Batman games from the Arkham series that the Epic Games Store gave away the last time Batman appeared.

In recent months, other fantastic free games have been Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, Layers of Fear, and Wake’s American Nightmare. However, Watchdogs is now free to download as of last week.

Watchdogs, created by Ubisoft Montreal and released by Ubisoft, became popular immediately after its 2014 release.

Watchdogs have firmly established on Ubisoft’s development I.P. list thanks to strong sales across P.C., consoles from the previous and current generations, and the last generation.

It was a third-person, action, and adventure game that provided something more intellectual than G.T.A.

Automobiles may go around the city, but exploring it on foot and gaining access to private information networks is what makes it so fascinating.

Although the game, set in Chicago, plays out like a standard open-world action game, its ambition and scale offer something a little unusual.

Since the main character, Aiden, is a hacker, he can directly alter many of the complex electrical systems in the game world using applications on his smartphone.

As a result, the smartphone aids with mission goals, fighting, and item use. For instance, through the phone, he can manipulate traffic signals or bug an A.T.M. to steal money.

Most gaming sources gave the game positive reviews across the board; Gamespot and I.G.N. scored 8 and 8.4 out of 10.

If you haven’t played Watchdogs, you have missed out on a very original game, so buy it now.

Simply sign in or create a free Epic Games Store account and search for Watchdogs to get it for free right now.

You may now add it for free to your Library to keep it forever.

Remember that this promotion needs a free U-Play sign-up and expires at 3 PM on March 26, 2020.

Child of Light, marketed as a side-scrolling platformer with RPG components, became an unexpected success in 2014. It is an epic fantasy produced by Ubisoft Montreal and hailed for its captivating plot and amazing visuals.

You may manage up to two characters while fighting in a system modeled after Final Fantasy, where you play as many characters.

Up to three opponents may be defeated at once in the battle, which is greatly influenced by R.P.G.s and allows for character switching.

The narrative takes place on the fictional continent of Lemuria, where the Queen of Lights has disappeared and the being throne taken over by Queen of the Night.

Lemuria has been plunged into never-ending darkness due to the Queen of the Night, known as Umbra, stealing the sun, stars and the moon.

It is up to you and your comrades to purge the country of Umbra and bring back the light.

When it was first released, Child of Light did well, earning 8 and 9.3 out of 10 on Gamespot and I.G.N., respectively.

The current U-Play promotion for this game’s free download ends on March 28, 2020.

The Legend Returns in Unreal Tournament

The first true online multiplayer shooter was Unreal Tournament, a first-person classic.

A new version utilizing Unreal Engine 4 was said to be in development in 2014. However, it was later shelved.

The game has nonetheless continued to be developed by gifted volunteers who have a lot of love for the endeavor.

Epic Games still owns Unreal Tournament, which will continue to have those rights. However, the game’s development is still open-source, and the source code is accessible online.

As a result, there are plans to include a community for open mods, with any profits being divided between Epic Games and content providers.

Unreal Tournament is entirely free and has no noticeable microtransactions because of the peculiar development process used for this version.

This is an odd strategy for a game this size, but Epic Games isn’t currently interested in working on Unreal. This is possible because they are spending so much time and attention on Fortnite, a new, very popular game.

However, it is amazing given that programmers and artists are creating the open-source Unreal Tournament in their own time.

The Epic Games Store now offers Unreal Tournament at no cost.

Simply sign in or create a free Epic Games Store account and search for Unreal Tournament to get it for free right now.

You may now add it for free to your Library to keep it forever.

There is currently no time restriction on when you may download this.

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