Sony Gives a Sneak Peek on Predator: Hunting Grounds

Play as everyone’s favourite extraterrestrial fighter, offered only this week and get a sneak peek of the incredible gameplay from the eagerly awaited Predator: Hunting Grounds trial.

The great new Predator game has finally been released, but this weekend only as a free trial.

Although the release date for Predator: Hunting Grounds hasn’t been determined yet, Sony Interactive Entertainment has gifted us a free weekend.

IllFonic, who created Hunting Grounds, is also the developer of the ill-fated yet surprisingly underrated Friday the 13th game.

All of my concerns vanished as soon as the game launched, and I reached the main menu as I began the game’s great tutorial.

IllFonic seems to have collected all of the wonderful eggs and put them in a single basket, demonstrating what they have undoubtedly learnt from Friday the 13th.

The game will take a long to download at 22GB owing to the current PSN difficulties brought on by Coronavirus, but it is worth the wait.

Time seemed to stand still while I watched the game download, and I believe I would have enjoyed myself more if I had instead watched the grass grow.

I’m not ashamed to confess it, however, but I asked Alexa to play “Long Tall Sally” by Little Richard when the game loaded up once the download was finished.

The fact that Sony released this is also a blessing since Sony’s first-party games are often excellent.

You will immediately note that the animations are incredible, the controls are excellent, and the aesthetics are passable.

The Predator operates just as we expect from the different movies.

The game’s free-running, or “Predkour,” made an impression among the standard movements like running, leaping, and crouching.

The Predator can quickly sprint through branches and leap from tree to tree with minimal effort from you by using X to jump into the trees.

Although this can initially seem a bit discouraging, you still have a lot of power.

The Predator will keep moving along the same level of branches if you don’t press X once more and keep moving.

The Predator will change levels or direction when you press the X key as he moves through the woods.

After a minute or two, I realized how much of a hassle and uninteresting the gaming would have been if I had to manually align branches and do every leap.

Instead, this strategy will let you make an instant decision on where you want to go and how to attack.

This implies that you can quickly position yourself to use the Predator’s firearms.

The game starts with the traditional Predator weaponry, and additional may be unlocked.

Using the recognisable 3-dot shoulder cannon is a thrill, and transitioning into the cloak rapidly is a lot of fun.

The cloak may be employed to pursue prey from the safety of the woods or to approach an adversary covertly and murder them in an ambush.

You might believe that the Predator has an unfair edge. However, this is untrue.

The cloak can only accomplish so much, and all technology requires electricity.

For instance, when the cloak is on, you cannot stand in front of a skilled soldier without him seeing you.

Instead, slipping through the woods and creeping up for a stealth kill are the greatest ways to use the cloak.

The Predator can also use infrared, which can be turned on and off as needed, to detect troops through cover like trees or even while they are coated in mud.

Authentic Predator clicks and moans, and the swish of the gadget itself may be heard while employing infrared.

Even more realistically, adversary speech is garbled, precisely as in the first Predator film.

The typical gameplay scenario involves rapidly eliminating as many troops as possible, although there could be a VIP present during the fight.

Your Predator may get a prize by killing the VIP, which is as gruesome as you would anticipate.

The creators have done a fantastic job of replicating the look and feel of playing as a Predator when all the factors are considered.

Predator: Hunting Grounds is set out in terms of the other game elements, similar to a classic Battle Royale game.

There are many unlockable modifications, toys, tools and firearms.

Predators, like human troops, may change their armour, “Predlocks,” masks, skin tones, etc.

Along with Field Lockers, the game also rewards credits.

Rewards may be found in field lockers, including weapons, clothing, accessories, and wraps.

Perks that might offer you an advantage on the battlefield are among the other unlocks available to Predators and humans.

Only three perks may be used at once, ensuring that you have the ideal configuration for your preferred style of play.

However, each character can have a variety of load-outs.

Most of the functionality is locked due to the trial version’s nature.

For those who don’t enjoy Fortnite or Call of Duty, it seems from first glance that this is a good game and might be worth trying.

This is an excellent interpretation of Predator as it delivers all I anticipated and more, and I can’t wait to see it in its entirety.

Since it was announced and then postponed last year, this is one game that I have been anticipating.

However, as I often point out, game delays aren’t always terrible.

Instead of receiving a half-baked disaster of a game, I would rather choose a decent title to be delayed and completed correctly.

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