Linking Accounts Now Possible on Fortnite

At long last, Fortnite has introduced account linking. Let me walk you through the process of linking your Fortnite with PS One, PS4, Switch, PC, and mobile 

You may now merge your accounts for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and mobile. 

In Fortnite, linking accounts enables you to connect logins to consoles, cosmetics, and V-Bucks.

Linking Fortnite Accounts

To connect your Fortnite accounts, you will need to follow a few procedures, and there are a few things you need to be aware of.

Before starting, you should be aware of the following:

Main Account:

The account to which you are sending data is the primary account. It might be a Xbox One, PC, Switch, PS4, or a mobile device. You will continue to be using this account.

Account 2:

The account which you are getting the data from. It might be a PS4, PC, Switch, a mobile device or Xbox One. Then, this account will become inactive.

Step 1: Access the Epic Games website for further information

For the merging to start, click the “Get Started” button.

Step 2: Choose your main account

Choose the platform that you want to make your primary Epic account on.

You want to move data to this account, which you also want to stay active.

Step 3: Access Your Main Account

Use the proper login information to access the primary account. These might be credentials for PC, Switch Online PSN, Xbox Live or Fortnite on Android. This is the account you want to keep, use for data transfers, and serve as your primary account.

A verification code will be emailed to the email you provided, and obtain the code from thee, This might take some time.

Step: 4 Enter the verification code 

Activate the verification code that was delivered to the email address you gave.

Step 5: Access Your Secondary Accounrand Double-Check

For your Secondary account, repeat Step 4. Remember that secondary account is the account you want to delete, move data from, and use as as secondary account.

If the account merger is successful, this account will be deactivated.

Now that the merging has been confirmed, you may preview it.

Continue merging your accounts if you feel confident in moving forward. Once this procedure is finished, it CAN NOT be undone.

It will take two weeks to complete the integration.

You must have valid emails and not be presently banned or disabled to combine the accounts.

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