Apex Legends Review – Is It Worth The Hype?

Apex Legends, a newcomer to the battle royale genre, is an utter joy with some innovative concepts infused into the gameplay. It adds AAA-caliber FPS action to this otherwise uninteresting genre.

As a fresh entry into the Battle Royale gaming universe has been made, Fortnite may have a rival.

Apex Legends currently boasts 25 million players after just one week of release, making it a powerful game to look out for.

Apex Legends, a AAA online game, has wowed critics and players alike. This is especially true especially that the game was unannounced, had a surprise launch last week, and this AAA online game is completely free. Apex Legends was developed by Respawn Entertainment of a Titanfall series of games and published by gaming giant Electronic Arts.

What’s the Story, then?

Everything was destroyed in Titanfall 2’s Frontier War. Thus most people relocated to the Outlands. However, in a dark new blood sport also known as Apex Legends, pioneers, explorers, and criminals alike fight for their chances to grab everything of worth that they may discover while earning some money and gaining some recognition.

The Titanfall world is included in Apex Legends, a smash blockbuster game series from the same creator. However, you cannot control any of the fantastic, enormous mechs from Titanfall.

Discover the Legends

Instead, thirty years after Titanfall 2, you get to play like a seasoned “Legend.” There are eight of these Legends, and each one has special powers and abilities. They are divided into various roles, including Support, Offense, Recon, and Defense.

You are paired with the other two players that make up your team in the game. There are 19 more teams, creating a fight with 60 players on the game’s battlefield.

Greetings from the New Frontier

Each player is given a purely random turn when a new game is started, and the outcome of that turn will decide not just whether you get to pick the Legend you desire.

When the game begins, each player is dropped down from a drop-ship and should navigate to a landing area by following a “Jump Leader” chosen randomly from the squad or doing it alone.

When you land, just like in previous Battle Royale games, you must initially seek weapons to be used since you have none. This is perhaps the most crucial element of the game since it will decide your capacity for self-defense.

Once you’ve located a weapon, perhaps some armor, and possibly some other stuff, you (and/or your squad) can start scouting for suitable locations and starting a battle. Be advised that you will need to search hard for weapons, decent goods, and plenty of ammunition.

You could only hold two weapons at once, but you may switch out whatever weapons you choose at any moment as an extra tactical incentive.

While it’s a good idea to memorize some of the better map spots, you’ll need to completely use the map as your jump position is chosen randomly for each new game, making certain areas of the map more challenging to reach right away.

The fight encounters in Apex Legends are some of the greatest I’ve ever experienced in an online game, and the game engine enables a furious tempo and fast-paced action. The combat is of the caliber one would expect in a major AAA product like Halo or Call of Duty.

In coordination with early tactical shooters, Apex Legends revives the original FPS action of Unreal and Quake, it can be noted that characters were moving quickly and effectively using crouches, leaps, and circles are crucial. It’s fantastic!

The game also has an ever-shrinking ring, akin to Fortnite’s storm, which heightens the sensation of urgency. While strategizing your tactical fighting maneuvers, you must escape being trapped in the Ring’s shrinking.

You may tackle it alone and simply attempt to get your kills, but be warned that there are some experienced players everywhere who are already aware of the best positions and the finest firearms. The game emphasizes squad play which is how the game is best played.

However, the game has certain special elements that might help you out in battle:

Command Your Squad with Pinging

You may Ping your squad to indicate important locations or issue simple orders like “Let’s Go Over There.” A context-sensitive action, such as Pinging a weapons cache, will be triggered by placing your crosshairs over an object or region. This notifies your team verbally and highlights the target on their map.

Resurrection is Key: Respawn Banner

The Respawn Banner is yet another fantastic feature. Doing so may carry a fallen comrade’s flag to a respawn place. If successful, your deceased teammate will be raised from the dead and reappear in the game as if nothing had occurred.

This still adds another tactical aspect to the game since, even though it could appear advantageous at first glance, foes who are conscious of this will keep an eye out for you taking the opportunity and attempting to kill you.

Weapons: Be Prepared

throwable weapons, rifles and pistols, are the game’s available weaponry. To improve accuracy, power, and other attributes, the game’s weapons may be instantly upgraded by looting items like superior rifle stocks or sniper scopes.

There are 3 models for each of the 6 different weapon categories, and each model includes a wide variety of modifications and skins that may be acquired via gameplay or paid for.

Promotional skins are now available via Xbox Live, Origin and the PlayStation Store for free.

The same is true of Legends variants. You may buy skins and accessories or unlock them via gameplay.

Apex Legends coins, which can be bought using Great British Pounds and US Dollars through Origin, PlayStation Store, or Xbox Live, are used to make purchases in the game:

A dynamic Battle Royale experience with recurring seasons, content updates, and DLC has also been promised by Electronic Arts.

Evolution of Battle Royale

I was eager with excitement and expectation when Apex Legends was astonishingly simultaneously unveiled and published on the same day last week since I had heard it was based in the Titanfall world.

But when I went to an official website to learn more and saw that it was a Battle Royale game, I soon became disappointed and said, “Great, another

Although the game calls itself a Battle Royale, and it is, it immediately becomes apparent that Apex Legends is not your typical Battle Royale. It’s definitely so much better than ever before and we can tell right away that Respawn Entertainment worked hard to introduce a high-definition FPS game to the battle royale genre, and the results are astounding.

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