Wait No More – Black Ops 4 Safeguard Mode Is Here

Earn new playlists and characters, defend the NCR and more…

Another week means another Call of Duty: Black Ops update. However, Treyarch’s announcement that Black Ops 4 Safeguard, a new model, would be included in the update version 1.08 came as a pleasant surprise this week.

The famous game mode from Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is almost identical to the Safeguard mode for the most recent Call of Duty game, Black Ops 4.

There are just two teams in the mode, offense and defense.

Offense:  Must be escort to a certain location within enemy territory.

Defense: Attack the offensive team as a defensive squad to keep the NCR from accessing your region.

Each round completed within the allotted time earns the team one point. Unless the game goes into “overtime” (when there have been equal points), in which case that winner is determined upon the quickest record for the following rounds, the side with the most points after the timeframe wins the game.

As well as announcing an “extensive set of improvements” for Blackout mode, Treyarch also mentioned significant changes coming to Zombie mode due to stability upgrades in this week’s release.

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