Get a FREE Exclusive Badge When You Defeat the Storm King in Fortnite’s Season 7

Fortnite Season 7 is here, and it brings a nice present.

Get a unique and FREE Fortnite pin badge by defeating The Storm King. Find out how to acquire your free item by reading the steps below.

This week’s update, 7.01, brings two fantastic new weapons to Fortnite.

Use a powerful melee weapon to unleash fantastic power and a new, powerful rifle to take headshots.

Ralphie’s Revenge

a powerful headshot sniper rifle that fires slowly yet gives bonuses. Ralphie’s Revenge is available until December 19.

Giving way to Season 7 is the end of Season 6’s Canny Valley.

Infinity Blade

A stunning sword that brings epic damage that is so powerful it can wreck buildings.

Explore the Polar Peak region in quest of the fabled Infinity Blade. You may use its legendary power after you’ve retrieved it from its resting place:

A building may be destroyed with a slash attack, which does 75 damage to foes.
A leap attack pushes you forward while delivering a tonne of damage as you land, thanks to the incredible strength of the sword.

The legendary strength of the sword also heals the user’s hero and replenishes the strength of their shield. The Infinity Blade will fall to the ground if the wielder is killed.

To benefit from XP and the loots, defeat the Storm King numerous times.

Get a unique Fortnite Storm King pin badge for FREE. For information on how to get your FREE Fortnite pin, check your in-game email.

The renowned Infinity Blade and Ralphie’s Revenge sniper are two fantastic new gadgets to look out for on Season 7.

Don’t forget to defeat The Storm King and retrieve your free pin badge to get plenty of in-game XP and treasure.

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