What To Expect from the First Cyberpunk 2077 DLC

Here are three things we can anticipate from the forthcoming Cyberpunk 2077 DLC, which will include the game’s most massive update yet and several previously revealed additions.

A funny video from CD Projekt RED that highlights a few new features of an impending update has already been published, but it has left some people confused. The movie is styled after the in-game N54 News station.

Version 1.2 of the Cyberpunk 2077 update is now scheduled for release in March, having previously been postponed from its initial February release date.

For various reasons, Update 1.2 didn’t appear last month even though it was intended to.

After an initial delay (which CD Projekt RED had apologized for already), a hacking issue caused a significant delay in updates while the studio recovered.

Some individuals were puzzled by the timing of the hack, which seemed to be a bit too handy.

However, the game’s creators have promised that a fresh update will arrive this month and have already verified additions, including a tool that allows a car to unstick, better law authorities and improved driving mechanics.

We can all expect the first promised DLC, which is scheduled to come later this year, if that is all this much-anticipated patch has to give.

Console gamers must make do with what they are provided, since PC modders have already introduced several foster innovations that CD Projekt RED should have considered by now.

Since the game is already a few months old, Night City desperately needs additional activities to keep players entertained. Cosmetic enhancements are sadly missing in the game and must have been included from the beginning.

A vast city, Night City, has a wealth of undiscovered surprises and thrills.

Cyberpunk 2077 is one of the few games that successfully implemented emergent gameplay since there is always a chance of running across something interesting, captivating, or strange, no matter where you have been.

While many amazing automobiles are accessible, they are modified from basic vehicles; therefore, navigating about the city leaves much to imagination due to the restricted number of vehicles we have to pick from.

Furthermore, the amazing Aerodyne flying vehicles are forbidden and only utilized in scripted cutscenes, as background filler, and as a nice sight above the city skyline.

Many fantastic elements that would have made the series even better, like flying automobiles, were abruptly removed from the game’s final version.

One such innovation is the game’s metro system, which wasn’t included in the final version but is still present in certain places.

For example, the city has several rail terminals that are now employed as quick transit hubs. The trains still pass through the city, but for some reason, we cannot board them.

Given how much Cyberpunk 2077 emphasizes enhancing your physical appearance, the absence of cosmetics in the game was quite disappointing.

Beyond the original character creation, you cannot alter V’s look. Cybernetic implants can cause some small aesthetic modifications, such as the Mantis Blade seams becoming apparent.

The game has many clothing options that let you create some incredibly stylish avatars, which is probably the extent of the customizability.

V’s haircut and cosmetics should at the very least be customizable, but other features like customizable tattoos, nails and eyes would have been a nice touch.

Since they are currently present in the game, it is not unreasonable to think that they will be unlocked as usable items after the game has begun.

Even though there is a ton to do for this game, many players rapidly run out of alternatives as they play through it.

The major plot branches of the game are wonderful and provide you the chance to experience both the good and bad of Night City and the characters, views,  and locations you would probably miss.

The wonderful NCPD missions in the game, which let you take on different criminal activities, including organized crime rings, are yet another fantastic mission element.

Although they are beautifully integrated and of high count, they aren’t endless, and once they’re finished, they vanish permanently. Nevertheless, the game has a fantastic random crime element that is excellent for police role-playing.

It would be possible to include new NCPD missions or even a reset option for all already completed ones, which wouldn’t feel redundant given that there are already so many.

Additionally, the game’s well-designed contracts, secondary missions, and jobs for fixers make up most of gameplay outside the main plot.

These connect V with “fixers,” who provide a variety of assignments with new cars, high compensation, and special goods that will help you on your adventure through Night City.

Since fixers are constantly available, it would be simple to devise fresh tasks for these characters, which might continue indefinitely as they take on new jobs for V.

Since many of the elements meant to be in the game are standard for open-world games, their absence is a smack in the face to the game’s supporters.

Although CDPR has made several updates and DLC enhancements, it is still unclear if they will start considering fan sentiments seriously.

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