Why You Will Want To Keep Cyberpunk 2077 on PS4 and Xbox One

You shouldn’t give up on Cyberpunk 2077 for Playstation One since there is an upcoming DLC and a significant upgrade.

I eagerly fired up my copy of Cyberpunk 2077 on my PlayStation 4 on December 10 of last year, much like many other gamers all across the globe.

I enthusiastically altered my copy of “V,” the playable character in the game, and then I started playing as a Corporate Lady CEO.

Being a lover of Cyberpunk fiction and a Johnny Mnemonic, I knew exactly how I wanted my V to look—a Corpo badass with expertise for stealth, swords and hacking.

I felt anxious as soon as the game started because it stuttered, and the graphics were completely different from something I had been shown for the previous nine years.

Anyway, I kept going. I became more thrilled when I walked inside an Aerodyne flying vehicle from my slick Corpo office.

Night City’s core is bursting with neon and holographic advertisements that entice me to partake in the sordid adventures the metro has to offer.

I immediately understood that, compared to an elevated PC or a new-generation console, I was playing on a seven-year-old device and shouldn’t anticipate fantastic things.

Because of this, I decided to overlook low-resolution textures or omit sophisticated graphical elements.

But it went beyond that.

I chose to use the NCPD side duties & clear the streets in keeping with the nighttime theme.

I accomplished the game’s several NCPD sub-con tasks and purged the streets from organized crime and slime after donning police gear and getting into a police cruiser.

Patrolling is more than simply a roleplaying trick since the game includes random criminal incidents.

So, for the time being, my V is Dark City’s attempt to combine Robocop with Batwoman.

Since its initial release, the game has gotten a few upgrades that have corrected some of the more serious flaws, including crashing, but more work still needs to be done.

The game’s creator, CD Projekt RED, promised a large update that would alleviate any worries in early February or late January.

This contains the last-generation consoles’ performance and visual problems.

CDPR also mentioned a free DLC that would be available “early in 2021.”

Some people could argue that the bugs should be fixed first, and they should.

However, the fact that they are already discussing DLC is positive since it suggests they are likely already close to finding solutions for all urgent problems.

Keep an Eye on This Amazing Game 

The game seemed unplayable due to bugs, bugs, and more bugs, and unexpected crashes were, to put it mildly, annoying.

Additionally, the game’s graphics were often very poor, and the “degree of detail” loading would not engage when it did function.

Due to this and the speckled effect, the game’s setting, characters, and vehicles seemed absurd.

I’m not referring to the “Film Grain” effect in the game.

Every time there is sunshine, a scattered glitch starts to appear.

Speckled Glitch in Sunlight in Cyberpunk 2077

I researched and discovered that this is the “Screen Space Reflections” feature, which can be disabled on PCs but not on consoles.

That was a significant impact, which forced me to only go out at night.

However, oddly, this improved my performance.

First off, even on a regular PS4, the game looks incredible at night, and the city is gorgeous, particularly when it rains.

When exploring Night City after dusk, the neo-noir, Cyberpunk vibe of films like Blade Runner & Strange Days truly comes through.

The current version of Cyberpunk 2077 may still be stunning.

View of the Night City from a Tainted Beach

Despite having a rocky beginning, Cyberpunk 2077 has a lot to offer.

Although I haven’t played much of the tale, the game’s size and seemingly infinite possibility for growth make it highly appealing.

In the future, missing aspects like the game’s public transportation, a third-person perspective, and character customization will likely be incorporated.

I implore you to hold off on blaming and dismissing the game for the time being since it was released a year early. The choice to release the game after an executive presumably made several delays.

Although no game developer likes to publish a work in progress, industry politics forced it.

Although Cyberpunk 2077 has not yet realized all of its promises, if we allow it some time to develop into the game it is at its core, it will.

Wait a bit longer for the game’s first significant update if you want some wise counsel from an experienced player; I’m convinced it will make this product what it should be at launch.

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