Evaluating The Game Charts – May 2, 2018

Xbox One Games Chart

The top five haven’t changed at all, so the front-line defense is fairly strong. A long-time Xbox One fan favourite makes a comeback, which causes some longtime inhabitants to lose their grasp.

Xbox One Non-Movers: Strong Sales or Weak Rivalry?

Another successful week for Microsoft with two of its games in the top five, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds and Sea of Thieves, firmly established at numbers two and three, respectively. A strong showing from last week’s top five games.

But Far Cry 5, which seems to be selling well on Xbox One, continues to hold the top spot for another week. While Fallout 4 by Bethesda Softworks is also seeing a rebound in Xbox One sales, it continues to hold onto the fourth rank for 2 weeks now, followed by Star Wars: Battlefront 2 at the fifth position.

Xbox One Climbers: Moving on Up

Two additional top ten re-entrants, LEGO: Marvel Superheroes II and Destiny 2, comfortably occupy places nine and ten on the Xbox One chart titles, respectively. Call of Duty: WWII also makes a stunning return, moving up from fifteen last week back into the number six spot.

Fallers on Xbox One: Taking a Fall

Grand Theft Auto V and Minecraft: Xbox Edition, two long-standing Xbox One chart-toppers, lose some sales this week and fall one place to positions seven and eight, respectively.

Games on the PlayStation 4 Chart

There were no new entrants this week, but some strong and steady sales helped several well-known titles hold onto their positions, while a strong sales run over the previous few weeks suddenly fell flat, pushing one Sony product that was self-published to the end of the list.

PS4 Non-Movers: Strong Sales or Weak Rivalry?

God of War debuted at number one last week and is still punishing this week’s PS4 chart titles by refusing to drop down.

God of War, a self-published Sony game, sprinted to the top of the charts last week, unseating Far Cry 5, which had held the top place since its debut a month before.

The eighth God of War game, God of War, is a direct successor to God of War III from 2010.

Kratos, the protagonist of the God of War series, appears to have changed his mind about where he belongs because, in this new God of War game, he has left the warm islands of Greece and traveled to Scandinavia to cause trouble. This indicates that the game’s mythology has shifted from Ancient Greek to Norse. God of War is now accessible on the PS4.

God of War could be powerful, but it looks to be lagging behind Far Cry 5, which is fending off all other competitors, at number two.

Crash Bandicoot N.Sane has also achieved strong sales for the second week and is firmly positioned at the number seven spot.

PS4 Climbers – Moving on Up

This week’s PlayStation 4 chart titles have several ascents, with longtime leader FIFA 18 moving up to number three, Call of Duty: WWII returning to the top 10 to take up residence at number six, and Star Wars: Battlefront II rising to number nine.

Prey, another game from Bethesda Softworks, comes in at number five behind Fallout 4 (which continues to dazzle) on the weekly chart.

Grand Theft Auto V also starts to move again, settling for the number eight spot after experiencing weak sales over the previous several weeks.

Fallers on PS4: Taking a Fall

Only PlayStation VR Worlds has achieved fantastic sales over the last few weeks and is still among the top ten PS4 chart titles this week. It had previously enjoyed the sun at number six, which had lingered for a while.

Yakuza 6: The Song of Life’s swift departure from the top 10 this week after entering at number six last week is another surprise.

PC Game Chart

This week’s spectacular PC chart games have a few new entrants, an incredible ascent, and unexpected declines.

New PC Games – Popular New Games

This week’s biggest new release on the PC, which has sold over 250,000 copies this week, may not surprise as the PC is recognised for its superb city-building and strategy games. Millions of people perished in an alternate 1886 owing to snowstorms and crop loss in Frostpunk, which debuted at number five on the PC top ten list games right away.

The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind has reentered the top 10 and is now occupying the ninth spot due to what looks to be a sales boost related to Elder Scrolls Online.

PC Climbers: Continuing to Climb

A great week for Bethesda Softworks, with four games in the top 10 and three titles climbing the PC list this week.

The Elder Scrolls Online has been progressively climbing the rankings since the gameplay video for Summerset: The Elder Scrolls Online was released until a top-ten re-entry two weeks ago. Since then, the acclaimed MMORPG has advanced to the top slot, where Wolfenstein II presently occupies it: The New Colossus, another game developed by Bethesda, comfortably ranked second.

PC Fallers: Taking a Fall

Both Football Manager 2018 and The Sims have been comfortably occupying the top slot for some time now, so it seemed almost unlikely that either of them could have been swayed by anything.

The Sims 4 and Football Manager 2018 were knocked off positions one and two, where they seemed to have remained for the duration, but the unthinkable has been occured.

Thanks to Bethesda Softworks’ incredible run of sales across all of their major AAA games, The Sims 4 and Football Manager 2018 have risen to places three and four, respectively.

The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, another Bethesda Softworks game, and the very realistic aviation simulator X-Plane 11 have all been moved down and now occupy places 6, 8, and 10, respectively.

Games for Nintendo Switch Chart

The Nintendo Switch has received some new games, which is exciting news.

Hot New Games for the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Labo, a gaming and construction toy platform created by Nintendo and utilized as an add-on for the Nintendo Switch, is responsible for two of the four new entries this week.

To make “Toy-Con” that can communicate with game software and vice versa, the platform requires kits that include cardboard cutouts and other materials that must be put together in conjunction with the Nintendo Switch console display and Joy-Con controllers.

At positions one and five, respectively, “Nintendo Switch Labo: Toy-Con 01 Variety Kit” and “Nintendo Switch Labo: Toy-Con 02: Robot Kit” fly straight.

South Park: The Fractured but Whole, a long-awaited Nintendo Switch adaptation, debuts at number six and swiftly follows the Kickstarter Shantae: Half-Genie Hero, which rockets to the ninth spot.

Fallers on the Nintendo Switch: Taking a Fall

The Nintendo Switch chart games have been impacted by this week’s four new releases, which have also significantly affected all other lower rankings.

Since the release of Labo, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has fallen from first to second place, followed by Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: The Breath of the Wild, ranked third and fourth, respectively.

The player must locate a piece of land to establish a town and gather resources after starting with a small number of survivors and a scant supply. City construction must begin there.

Check back for updates on Frostpunk, a game we’ll be keeping an eye on and potentially reviewing soon.

Sims 4 Bundle Pack 11, which includes The Sims 4: Jungle Adventure, The Sims 4: Fitness Stuff, and The Sims 4: Toddler Stuff, is another new entry this week at number seven.

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