Filling You In on GTA Online’s – Price Cuts on Hangars, and Combat Gear Plus 2X GTA Money

Weekly GTA Online Update: Select Heists and Contact Missions Earn Double GTA Online Cash and RP.

In today’s GTA Online weekly update, we received double GTA Online cash & RP for heists, significant price reductions on real estate and battle gear, and excellent deals on some of the most costly land automobiles in the game.

Cash and RP Bonuses for GTA Online

This week’s GTA Online cash bonuses come from heists and ongoing missions, so there is a ton of money to be earned, especially since some of the doubled GTA Online cash & RP bonuses apply to some of the highest-paying heists.

GTA Online Cash & RP Missions Doubled

In this week’s GTA Online update, many tasks pay double GTA Online cash & RP, providing exceptionally generous possibilities to make money.

You’ll have a great time with the most recent GTA Online weekly update since it’s easy to earn GTA Online Money and RP because all tasks are repetitive.

GTA Online Bonuses & Discounts

This week’s goodies were fantastic and included pricey unique automobiles and assets.

Vehicle discounts for GTA Online

This week’s selection is modest but generous nevertheless. It would be a wonderful idea to use the deal because the Deluxo and supercars are among the most costly vehicles available in the game. Additionally, don’t pass up the opportunity to get an armored Kuruma at a fantastic price if you don’t already own one. This vehicle is essential for VIP work and commercial sourcing trips.

GTA Online Discounts on Properties

This week, there are exceptionally substantial discounts on real estate, including huge savings on hangars and facilities.

It would be a terrific idea to join Ron in the air right now and launch your dream’s shady air freight company. In this week’s GTA Online update, the complete list of discounted properties is as follows:

Discounts on GTA Online Gear and Clothes

We don’t frequently see discounts on clothes and/or equipment, but this week’s GTA Online money could be used to buy some fairly appealing equipment as part of the GTA Online Weekly update published today.

Bonus GTA Online

Take advantage of a 50% discount on all Country Flag Parachute Bags and Yacht Country Flags to commemorate the World Cup & show your support for your country.

Bonus Races for the Weekly GTA Online Update

Superior Race

The good news is that regardless of where you finish in the race, the GTA Online premium race this week will provide GTA Online cash to the top three finishers and quadruple GTA Online RP.

In this week’s GTA Online time trial, players that beat the race’s par time will get GTA Online cash and RP.

This week’s GTA Online update only includes a tiny number of discounts, but they are significant.

GTA Online is bountiful in providing double cash and RP for theft assignments. I’m sure you’ll agree with The Doomsday Heist: The Data Breaches, The Fleeca Job and The Prison Break. Even if they aren’t the most lucrative heists, there is still a chance to make a lot of GTA Online money in a short time because the heists are repetitive.

Additionally, if you don’t mind doing the same assignments repeatedly for Simeon, you may make a good sum of money. Simeon’s missions aren’t the most enjoyable to play, but they are simple, simple to do as a solitary player, and don’t take very long. These will be excellent for you if you’re new to GTA Online and can earn you some decent money that you could use to invest in one of the businesses on offer this week, such as a biker clubhouse or an executive office.

This week’s real estate specials aren’t too bad as well, offering an extraordinary 50% discount on hangars and executive offices—a bargain too good to pass up if you have the cash. The executive office would be my top recommendation if you could only choose one of them since the vehicle and cargo missions are more enjoyable and pay out far more money than the air freight missions.

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