Detroit: Become Human Free for PS Plus Subscribers

By | 03/07/2019
Detroit: Become Human Free for PS Plus Subscribers



Sony Interactive and Quantic Dream’s hit title has been made available to download free as part of the PlayStation Plus free game this month, and also comes with Heavy Rain plus other features.

Some amazing news for PlayStation Plus subscribers this week as a massive AAA title is added to the roster of available free games.

One of last year’s biggest self-published Sony Interactive Entertainment hits Detroit: Become Human has been made available as this month’s primary free game.

Published by Sony and developed by Quantic Dream, Detroit: Become Human is a narrative-driven adventure title set around the events of androids becoming self-aware in 2038.

The game is different than the traditional adventure title in that it is playable with multiple characters and should one of them die in the game, the story will carry on without them.

Detroit Become Human Gameplay 03

Rather than an action game, the game’s main mechanic relies on the extremely rich story and narrative with the action coming from dialogue decisions that affect the entire game with the action coming in the form of quick-time events and countdowns, similar to Telltale Games titles such as The Walking Dead and Batman.

Every decision made while playing through will ultimately change the story arc that you will see. Once a decision has been made, it is fixed and cannot be changed. This forces the player to think very carefully about what they really want to see happen.

Detroit Become Human Gameplay 02

Due to the amount of dialogue and motion capture, the decision was made to use real actors for much of the game.

Some of the actors starring in the game include Twilight’s Valerie Curry, actor extraordinaire Clancy Brown from Highlander and Sci-Fi legend Lance Henriksen from the Alien series of movies.

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The game’s story, setting, and tone is comparable to the written works of science fiction author Philip K. Dick, whose stories often demonstrate the pitfalls of too much technology or the responsibility of creating life in the form of self-aware artificial intelligence.

Dick’s stories are known more by their movie counterparts including Blade Runner, Total Recall and Minority Report as well as many others.

Detroit Become Human performed very well in terms of sales and got good reviews from game review outlets such as Gamespot and IGN who gave the game 7 and 8 respectively.

Not only is the game available for free this month, but it is also the digital deluxe version that comes with Quantic Dream’s PS3 classic Heavy Rain as well as other nice features.

As well as another full game, the digital deluxe version also contains:

  • Digital Art Book
  • Game Soundtrack
  • Account Avatars
  • 2 Dynamic PS4 Themes

Heavy Rain is a similar game in that it is more of an interactive movie than a typical action-adventure game.

Being darker yet still as rich as Detroit: Become Human, Heavy Rain has the same type of gameplay.

The story revolves around four playable characters in the search for a serial killer who leaves origami statues at his crime scenes.

This is the second time in a row that we have had the deluxe version of a game as we got Borderlands: The Handsome Collection that included two games as well.

Given that PlayStation 3 is no longer included in the PS Plus free games monthly download, I wonder if this is Sony’s way of making it up to us. If so, I honestly wouldn’t mind more of this.

Detroit: Become Human is available via an active PlayStation Plus account now for free until next month.

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