Epic Games Debunks Fortnite Account Swap

Just after the hack & fraud attack on their break, Epic Games executives have shown the rumored Fortnite account switch to be untrue and technically challenging.

Rumor has it that these hacking jocks would strike during Epic Game’s summer break, when employees and staff members are in the midst of their downtime where they would switch players’ accounts with default ones, thereby undoing all of their working hard.

Since Epic Games has announced that their offices will be closed on July 6, said hacking is set to strike on that day.

That does not imply to everyone though. I can assure you that as someone who is maintaining the network services and working in IT, the servers are manned, regardless.

Epic Games’ dev team made the announcement that they will be closed for two weeks to inform fans that there may not be any updates for Fortnite, which they generally release once per week.

The Fortnite account exchange rumor has been debunked which started on Twitter.

Of course, bloggers took advantage and used it as a clickbait without further due diligence which resulted to the article trending on social networks and on YouTube.

Epic Games expressed that this is “Ridiculous and not true”.

To alleviate any worries that players may have, As stated by Epic Games, the claims that accounts would be changed or reset isn’t technically doable for a hacker which makes the rumor a false claim.

The account switch, scheduled on July 6th, is not a genuine threat and seems to be an elaborate scam.

As this would negate the whole point of exploiting security flaws with a surprise attack, hackers often do not let others know if they will strike.
Due to their robust backup system, Epic Games could easily roll back any changes even if they did.

Since its debut in 2017, Epic Games has rapidly grown to rank among the most popular video games worldwide and has become a phenomenon in both business and mainstream culture.

Even with the arrival of Fortnite’s competitors Apex Legends, Call of Duty, Overwatch, and Black Ops 4, the weekly release of new content during its seasonal events has kept the game engaging and fresh.

Fortnite’s player base fluctuates from period to period, which is only normal, but celebrities or even the media generally promote the game, keeping it in players’ minds and thoughts.

Despite how popular the computer game seems, not all discussions are reputable.

Some notable celebrities, including The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star Alfonso Ribeiro has sued Epic Games for including his legendary “Carlton Dance” on Fortnite.

A handful of these celebrities claim that the victory dances are exact replicas of the dances they are famous for.

Another important piece of information about Fortnite is how addictive the game is—to the point that it causes user issues.

Parents are said to be having issues with the game because of their kids’ dependence on playing with friends, with some youngsters falling asleep in class because they played all night and even “throwing tantrums” when instructed to turn off the game.

Whatever the facts about Fortnite, it seems there won’t be any account swaps on July 6, and the app is here to stay.

All major platforms, including the Xbox 4, Xbox One, Wii U, iOS, and Android, have Fortnite accessible right now.

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