PS Plus’ Free Game of The Month – Detroit: Become Human

As part of PlayStation Plus free game, Quantic Dreams and Sony Interactive’s hit game is now out for download at no cost plus Heavy Rain and others.

This week’s PlayStation Plus gamers received some incredible news as one of the hit AAA games was added to the monthly free game.

This month’s main free game is Detroit: Become Human, one of Sony Interactive Entertainment’s greatest self-published blockbusters from the previous year.

The game differs from the typical adventure game in a way that it supports many characters, and if one will die during mid-play, the game goes on nevertheless.

Detroit: Become Human is an action-adventure game created by Quantic Dream and published by Sony. It is based on the year 2038 and the self-awareness journey of Androids.

The action in this game comes in the form of quick-time events and countdowns, similar to Telltale Games’ Batman and TWD (The Walking Dead). The game’s primary mechanism focuses on the highly complex plot and narrative rather than traditional action games.

The narrative arc you see will eventually alter depending on your choice while playing through. A choice is final and cannot be reversed once it has been made. The player is compelled to consider strategies carefully and decide on what they want next.

The choice was taken to employ live actors for most of the game because of the volume of conversation and motion capture.

Sci-fi icon Henriksen from the Alien film series, Highlander’s Clancy Brown, The Twilight star, Valerie Curry – to name a few.

The game’s plot, location, and tone are similar to those of science fiction author Philip Dick, whose works often highlight the dangers of using excessive technology or the responsibilities of developing self-aware AI.

The tales, namely Minority Report, Blade Runner, Total Recall and many more, are better known through their film adaptations.

Sales for Detroit: Become Human were exceptionally strong, and the game received positive reviews from websites like Gamespot and IGN, which rated it 7 and 8 points, respectively.

In addition to being free this month, the game is available in a wonderful digital deluxe edition that includes the PS3 classic Heavy Rain by Quantic Dream.

In contrast to a normal action-adventure game, Heavy Rain is more like an interactive movie.

Heavy Rain has the same gameplay as Detroit: Become Human while being darker and just as rich.

Four playable characters are essential to the plot as they pursue a serial murderer who leaves origami figurines at his crime locations.

Previously having Borderlands: The Handsome Collection, which had two more games, this makes this the second time in a row that we received the deluxe edition of a game.

Through an active PlayStation Plus subscription, Detroit: Become Human is free until next month.

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