Enter the Gungeon – Alien Engine

What does the Alien Engine do in Enter The Gungeon?

Alien Engine is a B-rank automatic gun that features one of the highest DPS ratings of any gun in Enter the Gungeon at 160.4 DPS. The Alien Engine does this by combining its modest 10 damage with its insane 0.06 fire rate, as well as the ability to set enemies on fire.

Unlike traditional guns, the Alien Engine does not fire bullet projectiles that fly through the rooms en route to your targets. Instead, the Alien Engine deals damage through its high-speed muzzle flash, making it a high-risk, high-reward, close-range gun that works great for poking bosses and lesser enemies in the Gungeon.

Is the Alien Engine a good gun in Enter The Gungeon?

The Alien Engine is a great gun in Enter the Gungeon that can kill almost any enemy in the Gungeon within seconds. Unfortunately, having high DPS comes at a price. In this case, the Alien Engine pays for it by settling for a shorter reach.

Firing the Alien Engine also comes with significant recoil, making it very difficult to fire at targets for more than a few seconds. Nevertheless, the recoil also works to your advantage since it instantly puts you at a distance from your target after firing.

Best Synergy for the Alien Engine in Enter The Gungeon

The Alien Engine shares four Synergies with a few other guns/items in Enter the Gungeon – Ancient Aliens, Contrail, Pilot Wingsman, and Space Best Friend.

Ancient Aliens

Ancient Aliens is a Synergy between the Zorgun and the Alien Engine in Enter the Gungeon.

Ancient Aliens will cause the Zorgun to get three special shots in the last bullets of its magazine instead of just one. This Synergy will also cause the Alien Engine to fire Zorgun bullets as well.


If you have the Alien Engine and the Shotgrub/Mutation, the Contrail Synergy between these items will become active.

Contrail will change the Alien Engine’s color to green and ignite enemies in green fire. Contrail will also give you the ability to fly while the Alien Engine is equipped.

Pilot Wingsman

Pilot Wingsman is a Synergy between the Alien Engine and the Wingman. The Pilot Wingsman Synergy will cause the Wingman to fire four rockets simultaneously.

Space Best Friend

If you have the Alien Engine and the Space Friend in your inventory, the Space Best Friend Synergy between these two guns/items will increase the Space Friend’s fire rate.

Heavy Boots (unofficial Synergy)

The Heavy Boots and Alien Engine combo is not an official Synergy in Enter the Gungeon, but it is arguably one combo that can help unleash the Alien Engine’s full potential.

Heavy Boots will remove the heavy recoil that comes with continuously firing the Alien Engine, allowing you to keep optimal distance to keep dealing damage to your targets in the Gungeon.

How to Use the Alien Engine in Enter The Gungeon?

The Alien Engine has a very short range, which means you need to stand close to targets to deal damage to them with this gun. Simply stand next to your target of choice and spray away until the recoil sends you flying back away from your target.

The Alien Engine’s range puts you at great risk of taking damage from bosses and lesser enemies around the Gungeon, but you can also deal a ton of damage to them for a few seconds at a time as well. The gun is inherently high-risk yet high-reward.

You can also use the Alien Engine’s high recoil to quickly propel yourself around the room. You can use this to dodge bullets or put a significant distance between you and your target when things get too close for comfort. 


The Alien Engine is not a gun for everyone – its short reach and high recoil make it very difficult to unload heavy damage to enemies around the Gungeon. However, if you can move well and position yourself well enough to control the gun’s high recoil, you’ll have one of the most damaging guns in the game.

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