Enter the Gungeon – Excaliber

What does the Excaliber do in Enter The Gungeon?

The Excaliber is a B-rank gun that fires three-sword burst projectiles that can pierce enemies.

Reloading the Excaliber will cause your Gungeoneer to swing and destroy any bullets it comes into contact with. The same reload effect can be used to damage enemies as well. Equipping the Excaliber will give you 2.5 Curse instantly.

Is the Excaliber a good gun in Enter The Gungeon?

The Excaliber is an okay gun in Enter the Gungeon that deals decent damage from its three-sword burst fire and melee reload attack.

Despite only being listed as having 7 damage per bullet, the Excaliber fires three projectiles per shot, giving it an effective DPS rating of 43.7. Its reload attack deals high damage as well, dealing 27.5 damage when reloading a partially empty magazine and 80 damage when reloading a fully empty magazine.

However, keep in mind that equipping the Excaliber will give you 2.5 points of Curse instantly.

Best Synergy for the Excaliber in Enter The Gungeon

The Excaliber features three Synergies with three other guns/items in Enter the Gungeon – Buster Gun, Snicker-snack, and Throw All Daggers.

Buster Gun

Buster Gun is a Synergy between the Excaliber and the RPG in Enter the Gungeon. Buster Gun will cause the Excaliber to fire three or four shots in a cone when reloading.


If you have the Excaliber and the Vorpal Bullets in your inventory, the Snicker-snack Synergy between these two guns/items will become active.

Snicker-snack will cause the Excaliber to fire a spread of three homing shots that deal 20% less damage.

Throw All Daggers

If you have the Knife Shield and the Excaliber in your inventory, the Throw All Daggers Synergy will become active.

Throw All Daggers will give the Knife Shield two layers of knives.

How to Use the Excaliber in Enter The Gungeon?

The Excaliber’s primary fire is a three-sword burst shot that pierces enemies, which means you can use the gun as you would any other gun for room clearing in the Gungeon.

The Excaliber’s damage output and piercing projectiles make it a decent room-clearing gun around the Gungeon, but its reload melee attack range isn’t as good as some of the other melee weapons found in Enter the Gungeon, such as the Fightsabre or Blasphemy, so you probably shouldn’t bank on the Excaliber’s melee attack too much.

Still, if you can figure out the proper spacing required to use Excaliber’s melee attack, you can deal 27.5 damage on a partially empty magazine and 80 damage if you reload with an empty magazine.


The Excaliber is a unique gun that allows you to shoot bursts of piercing sword projectiles with its primary fire or destroy bullets and deal melee damage with its reload melee attack. It is a versatile gun/weapon that will let you deal decent damage from any range in the Gungeon.

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