Enter the Gungeon – Alternate Skins

What are alternate skins in Enter the Gungeon?

Alternate Skins are in-game cosmetics that change how Gungeoneers and Weapons look in Enter the Gungeon.

There are eight Gungeoneer skins in Enter the Gungeon – Knight (The Marine), Beastmaster (The Hunter), Jailbird (The Convict), Rogue (The Pilot), Termbot (The Robot), Rabbit/Shell (The Bullet), Apple (The Cultist).

Each of the original Gungeoneers has one alternate skin, while The Bullet gets two alternate skins, but one of them is a PS4 and Switch exclusive. Unfortunately, The Paradox and The Gunslinger do not have alternate skins.

Aside from alternate Gungeoneer skins, there are also alternate weapon skins that you can unlock in-game. However, these are only limited to the Gungeoneers’ starter guns.

How do you get alternate skins on Gungeon?

You can only obtain Alternate Skins and Costumes after successfully killing a Gungeoneer’s past. After completing the game by killing a Gungeoneer’s past, you will find some clothing scattered next to the Gungeoneer in The Breach.

To unlock alternate weapon skins, you must kill the Gungeoneer’s past with their alternate skin equipped. This means you need to run through the Gungeon one more time with your favorite Gungeoneer with their alternate skin equipped, which can pose quite a challenge since every Gungeon run is unique, and completing every run can be a hit or miss.

How do you use alternate costumes in Gungeon?

After successfully killing a Gungeoneer’s past, you will find pieces of clothing on the floor next to them in The Breach. Walk up to the clothing using the same Gungeoneer to swap out their skin/costume.

To equip weapon skins, you need to go to the Pistol Shrine near The Bullet in the Breach.


Gungeoneer and weapon skins can give each Gungeoneer and their starter weapons a fresh look while you run and dodge roll across the Gungeon. While alternate skins can only be unlocked after you’ve finished the game and killed a Gungeoneer’s past, they symbolize your skill and ability to run through each floor of the Gungeon.

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