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What does the AWP do in Enter The Gungeon?

The Enter the Gungeon AWP is an A-rank semiautomatic sniper rifle that deals 40 damage per bulelt. It has an infinite range and can carry up to 50 ammo. It has a magazine size of 8 bullets.

If you can line up two enemies while fighting in the Gungeon, you can deal damage to both enemies thanks to the AWP’s piercing bullets.

The AWP has four Synergies with a few other guns/items in Enter the Gungeon.

Is the AWP a good gun in Enter The Gungeon?

In a Bullet Hell game such as Enter the Gungeon, single-fire guns such as the AWP will not be a very good main gun.

This is mainly because of the AWP’s very long delay between shots, which makes it difficult to dispose of multiple enemies in the Gungeon quickly.

While it does have a relatively high one-shot damage potential, it simply cannot hold a candle against other guns that can fire multiple bullets in quick succession in terms of room clearing. The small max ammo and magazine size don’t help as well.

Nevertheless, the AWP does have a few special Synergies that can increase its single-shot damage and help make using the gun worthwhile.

Best Synergy for the AWP in Enter The Gungeon

The AWP has four Synergies with other guns/items in Enter the Gungeon – 360 Yes Scope, Arctic Warfare, Diazepam, and Sniper Woof.

360 Yes Scope (Best Synergy)

The 360 Yes Scope is a Synergy between the AWP and the Scope in Enter the Gungeon. It is also arguably one of the most powerful Synergies in terms of raw damage output in the game.

Men and women of gaming culture will know that the 360 No Scope is one of the nastiest shots you’ll ever see in an FPS game. Enter the Gungeon’s 360 Yes Scope is a parody of that very same shot, only this time, spinning 360 degrees before firing the AWP will give the gun a 50% damage buff for 3-seconds.

You can even spin more than once to get a stacking 1.5x damage multiplier for even more damage. However, the spin damage bonus is capped at 6 rotations only, and you lose the buff if you take damage from non-weapon sources.

The amount of damage you can deal with a max-stack 360 Yes Scope is ridiculous. Bosses should be 2-3 shots away from

Arctic Warfare

Arctic Warfare is a Synergy that’s shared between the AWP, Frost Bullets/Heart of Ice/Frost Ammolet/Snowballets.

This Synergy will give the AWP 62.5% more damage with a guaranteed chance to freeze enemies on impact. The Arctic Warfare Synergy will also give the AWP an updated cosmetic with orange and white details.


The AWP and the Muscle Relaxant will activate the Diazepam Synergy in Enter the Gungeon. This Synergy will instantly increase the AWP’s damage by 50%.

Sniper Woof

Sniper Woof is a Synergy between the AWP and the B-rank passive item, Wolf, in Enter the Gungeon. This Synergy will decrease the AWP’s reload time by 30% and increase the AWP’s shots by 50% when standing still.

Sniper Woof is arguably one of the better Synergies for the AWP in Enter the Gungeon as it addresses the AWP’s long reload times. In addition, standing still (like a real sniper would) will give the AWP more damage.

This Synergy will also cause Sniper Shells and Professionals to become Charmed permanently. 

How to Use the AWP in Enter The Gungeon?

The only thing you have to take into consideration when using the AWP in Enter the Gungeon is the delay between shots. To avoid taking damage, you need to move around between every shot to make the most out of the AWP. No special timing or technique is required to land shots with the AWP thanks to its very quick bullet speed.

On the other hand, if you have the 360 Yes Scope Synergy, take advantage of the massive damage buff by spinning a few times before firing the shot. Don’t waste the charged attack by shooting immediately after spinning. You will be given a 3-second window after spinning to aim with the AWP and land those high-damage shots anway.


The AWP will not be a great gun for room clearing duty due to its low ammo capacity and slow fire rate. You will be better off saving the gun and its ammo for later parts of your run and hope you can get a Scope or any of the other items the AWP shares a Synergy with to make the gun a more viable option in the Gungeon.

With that said, that 360 Yes Scope Synergy is a hoot to have, and can instantly turn your normal Gungeon run into an unplanned speedrun.

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