Enter the Gungeon – Gungeon Ant

What does the Gungeon Ant do in Enter The Gungeon?

The Gungeon Ant is a unique C-rank gun that features two bullet types in Enter the Gungeon. It has a magazine size of 6 and a maximum DPS rating of 30.

Prior to reloading, the Gungeon Ant will fire a burst of bullets that spread out and leave behind oil. After reloading, the Gungeon Ant will switch to a fiery ball projectile that can set the oil on fire, burning enemies in the process.

If you can get the Gungeon Ant’s best Synergy in the Gungeon, you will have a powerful gun that’s capable of dealing tons of damage to any normal enemy and bosses in-game.

Is the Gungeon Ant a good gun in Enter The Gungeon?

The Gungeon Ant is an okay gun in Enter the Gungeon that allows you to deal damage to many enemies simultaneously with its burn effect.

However, its primary fire isn’t very good at longer ranges as it only deals 2 damage per bullet, and because of the large bullet spread, you’ll be better off just laying down the oil and waiting for the reload to set the oil and your enemies on fire.

The Gungeon Ant can get better with Synergies, however, and it even has one of the best C-rank Synergies in the game in Great Queen Ant.

Best Synergy for the Gungeon Ant in Enter The Gungeon

The Gungeon Ant has three Synergies with other guns/items in Enter the Gungeon – Buggin’ Out, Great Queen Ant, and Inconsistent Scale.

Buggin’ Out

The Gungeon Ant and the Bug Boots will combine and activate the Buggin’ Out Synergy in Enter the Gungeon.

Buggin’ Out will cause the Bug Boots to spread poison instead of oil and give you immunity to fire.

Great Queen Ant (Best Synergy)

If you have the Crown of Guns/Heck Blaster/Gilded Bullets/Coin Crown/Ring of Fire Resistance and the Gungeon Ant in your inventory, the Great Queen Ant Synergy will become active.

Great Queen Ant will change the Gungeon Ant’s alternating attack and turn it into explosive ant bullets that destroy enemy bullets as they explode.

Inconsistent Scale

The Gungeon Ant and the Bee Hive can combine to activate the Inconsistent Scale Synergy in Enter the Gungeon.

Inconsistent Scale will spawn a Bee Hive that will orbit your Gungeoneer while Gungeon Ant is held. The beehive will send bees towards enemies and attack them.

How to Use the Gungeon Ant in Enter The Gungeon?

To deal the most damage with the Gungeon Ant in Enter the Gungeon, you first have to fire bullets and spread the oil around the current room you’re in. This will ensure you get maximum coverage and burn as many enemies as possible after you reload and fire the Gungeon Ant.

The Gungeon Ant’s normal attack isn’t bad, but it relies on the burn effect to deal maximum damage. In addition, the Gungeon Ant’s first bullets aren’t as effective at longer ranges due to the large bullet spread. This means that you might be better off focusing on spreading the oil rather than landing those three burst bullets.

Be careful as you will also be susceptible to burn damage. Make sure you leave a large enough area where you can stand and defend yourself safely from incoming enemies.


The Gungeon Ant is a decent C-rank gun that features a unique oil and fire combo that can set enemies on fire in the Gungeon. This will be great for the first few floors, but the time to kill might not be enough for the succeeding floors in the Gungeon.

If you can hold off and get the Great Queen Ant Synergy later in your Gungeon run, you’ll have one of the best Synergy guns in the game that can deal boatloads of damage to bosses and stronger enemies.

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