Enter the Gungeon – Shotgun Coffee

What does the Shotgun Coffee do in Enter The Gungeon?

The Shotgun Coffee is a C-rank passive item that increases your Gungeoneer’s movement speed by 1.2. It has two Synergies with a gun and an item that affects the Crestfaller and shotgun-type guns in the Gungeon.

Movement speed is a very underrated stat in Enter the Gungeon, but it is one that can help you position your Gungeoneer faster and improve survivability in-game.

Is the Shotgun Coffee a good item in Enter The Gungeon?

The Shotgun Coffee is an excellent item in Enter the Gungeon. Having extra movement speed will help you position your Gungeoneer faster and should help you when dodging incoming fire from multiple directions.

The extra movement speed should alleviate the need to spam your dodge roll in the Gungeon, so you can save it for emergency situations instead. 

Best Synergy for the Shotgun Coffee in Enter The Gungeon

The Shotgun Coffee has two Synergies with two other guns/items in Enter the Gungeon – Five O’Clock Somewhere and Shotgun Affinity.

Five O’Clock Somewhere

With the Crestfaller and the Shotgun Coffee in your inventory, the Five O’Clock Somewhere Synergy will become active.

This Synergy will cause the Crestfaller to fire a glass bottle with a chance to stun enemies when reloading. In addition, reloading the Crestfaller while standing on the liquid will replenish the missing ammo in the current magazine.

Shotgun Affinity

The Shotgun Affinity Synergy affects all shotgun-type weapons in Enter the Gungeon.

If you have the Shotgun Coffee and the Shotga Cola in your inventory, all shotgun-type weapons will gain piercing, increased knockback, and increased shot speed.

How to Use the Shotgun Coffee in Enter The Gungeon?

The Shotgun Coffee is a passive item in Enter the Gungeon, which means that having the item in your inventory will automatically give you the bonus of 1.2 movement speed in-game.

Just try to reload on top of standing pools when reloading the Crestfaller with the Five O’Clock Somewhere Synergy to take advantage of the bonus ammo it provides.


Bonus speed is always nice to have around the Gungeon. With the help of Shotgun Coffee, your Gungeoneer will be highly caffeinated causing you to run around the Gungeon 1.2 points faster than you would normally. This should help you move away and dodge bullets more easily and help save your dodge rolls for those last-minute bullet dodges in-game.

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