Enter the Gungeon – Glass Cannon

What does the Glass Cannon do in Enter The Gungeon?

The Glass Cannon is a C-rank Charged-gun that shoots a powerful beam that deals 140 damage. However, there is a slight caveat with the Glass Cannon – taking damage while using the weapon will cause you to lose all Glass Cannon ammo.

The Glass Cannon is a powerful weapon against bosses, as it is one of few guns that can bypass the Boss DPS Cap in Enter the Gungeon.

As the name suggests, the Glass Cannon is a gun that can deal a boatload of damage but is easily destroyed as well.

Is the Glass Cannon a good gun in Enter The Gungeon?

The Glass Cannon is an excellent item in Enter the Gungeon but only if your dodge roll and movement mechanics are already very polished in Enter the Gungeon. You can deal a whopping 140 damage with the Glass Cannon – some of the highest single damage stats of any gun in the game.

Unfortunately, beginners will have a very difficult time playing with the Glass Cannon since most beginners will be taking a ton of damage in-game, causing the Glass Cannon to lose all of its ammo very quickly.

This is easily remedied by the Glass Cannon’s Synergy with the Glass Guon Stone. More on this is in the Synergy section below.

Best Synergy for the Glass Cannon in Enter The Gungeon

The Glass Cannon only has one Synergy in Enter the Gungeon – Max Pane.

Max Pane

With the Max Pane Synergy between the Glass Cannon and the Glass Guon Stone, the Glass Cannon will not break upon taking damage and the gun will change its appearance as well.

However, the Glass Guon Stone will break instead, causing the two items to lose their Synergy but not before granting one extra hit before the Glass Cannon breaks.

When you’re playing as the Gunslinger, you won’t have to worry about the weapon shattering as the Lich’s Eye Bullets will permanently grant the Max Pane Synergy to the Glass Cannon.

How to Use the Glass Cannon in Enter The Gungeon?

While the 140 damage that the Glass Cannon does seems like an instant enemy killer in most rooms in the Gungeon, it is best to save the Glass Cannon for boss fights only.

The Glass Cannon’s pièce de résistance is its ability to bypass the Boss DPS Cap. This means that the Glass Cannon will deal the advertised 140 damage to all bosses in Enter the Gungeon. You can simply charge up the Glass Cannon and use it as an opening shot on most bosses in the Gungeon. After which, follow up with your favorite high fire rate gun for a more reliable shot.

Using the Glass Cannon on normal enemies isn’t too bad of an idea by any means. However, you greatly risk losing all your ammo and breaking the Glass Cannon if you take a hit.


The Glass Cannon is literally a glass cannon in every sense of the word – it deals a ton of damage but is easily broken if you take a hit as well.

More experienced players will be able to extract more value from this gun thanks to their superior movement and dodging abilities. However, newer players can still make good use of this gun by only using its powerful charge attack as an opening shot on bosses in the Gungeon.

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