Enter The Gungeon – Backpack

What does the Backpack do in Enter The Gungeon?

The Backpack is a D-rank passive item in Enter the Gungeon that gives the player the ability to hold an extra active item in-game.

The Backpack can also Synergize with four other weapons in the Gungeon, upgrade a non-controllable companion, and buff The Robot.

Is the Backpack a good item in Enter The Gungeon?

The Backpack is a decent item in Enter the Gungeon thanks to its host of Synergies and its ability to give the player access to two active items at the same time.

At the very least, the Backpack will never feel like a useless item in the Gungeon – That’s high praise considering this item is only a D-rank item in Enter the Gungeon.

Best Synergy for the Backpack in Enter The Gungeon

There are four known Synergies for the Backpack in Enter the Gungeon – M1 Multi-Tool, Mak Pak, MM6 Mini Rocket, and Whale of a Time.

M1 Multi-Tool

With the Backpack and the C-rank M1 in the player’s inventory, the M1 Multi-Tool Synergy will become active.

The M1 Multi-Tool Synergy will give the M1 20% faster reload time plus increased magazine size and maximum ammo. While carrying the M1 with this Synergy active, the player will also get increased movement speeds.

Mak Pak

The D-rank Makarov and the Backpack will activate the Mak Pak Synergy in-game.

Through the Mak Pak Synergy, Makarov’s maximum ammo will increase by 30% and the weapon will gain a passive ability that allows it to occasionally shoot homing bullets for free.

MM6 Mini Rocket

The active item Jetpack and the Backpack can combine to activate the MM6 Mini Rocket Synergy in Enter the Gungeon.

The MM6 Mini Rocket Synergy gives the Jetpack the ability to fire a rocket in the direction of the player’s crosshair every five seconds.

Whale of a Time

Having the B-rank GuNNER and Backpack will activate a Synergy called Whale of a Time.

The GuNNER is one of the weirdest weapons in the Gungeon. With the GuNNER equipped, the weapon spawns blue Skulls each time the player takes damage. Players can then pick up these Skulls to heal themselves.

Whale of a Time will not require the player to have the GuNNER equipped to spawn blue Skulls, which means that as long as the player has the Whale of a Time Synergy active, they can hold pretty much any gun and still spawn blue skulls upon taking damage.

How to Use the Backpack in Enter The Gungeon?

The Backpack gives players the ability to hold two active items simultaneously in Enter the Gungeon. However, this won’t mean that players will be able to use both active items at the same time, as players can only use one active at any given time.

Players can press Shift (keyboard) or press D-pad Up (controller) to toggle between their two active items.


The Backpack is a decent passive item that features a host of interesting yet useful Synergies with weapons such as the M1, Makarov, and GuNNER and gives players the ability to toggle between two active items in-game.

Players don’t usually expect much from D-rank items in Enter the Gungeon. However, the Backpack is one of the more valuable items that players will be happy to come across in the Gungeon every time.

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